Stopping certain flavours from burning?

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I posted a pretty tasty recipe a few days back. It was delicious and well balanced, at first, then about half way through the tank it started to burn, badly.

The specific flavor is TPA kahlua and cream, thats the menace in the mix. I’ve come across a few other flavours that tend to burn really easily and totally ruin a mix, mostly dark flavours (coffee, booster etc) or high citrus flavors.

Is there a way to mitigate the burning, perhaps another flavor to go alongside? or maybe vodka or DW? Should I drop the total % of the mix. or dropping those troublesome flavors all together.

I couldnt find this posted on ELR so I thought I’d start a thread.

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Certain flavours cannot handle high temperatures. Try some higher ohm coils and lower your temperature :smile:


Some of the best flavor and low burn factor I get from some of my NET tobaccos are on a single 1.5 ohm coil vaped at around 11 to 14 watts.

Above is one of my wife’s fav juices, but she can only get through about day before her coil is gunked up because of it. She uses low wattage as well. I stopped trying to figure out what the culprit was and just keep her supplied with fresh RDA’s. But it is a head scratcher… I think it’s the IDE caramel, but it’s so damn good, I’m not going to stop using it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s my take on burning. There are 2 flavors that burn up a coil quick over 30 watts (to me) no matter what. One of them is Cranberry. Steeping doesn’t help. If I use it, I accept the fact I get 3-4 days out of the coil max.

Bavarian Cream will burn if you use too much of it or don’t steep it long enough. If you steep it a long time it doesn’t burn for some reason.

Menthol and mint vapes can lessen the life of the coil but it doesn’t really burn the coil, it’s more of kind of a corrosive kind of effect, the mix just gets harsh and mettalic-ish.


I’m guessing (by specs) that’s referring to a MTL setup?

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Kinda sorta…an IGO-W RDA, single hole, drilled out to 2mm-ish. I mainly use them for flavor and batch testing, but they do come in handy for lazing about the house and dripping a nice NET mix. :wink:

I’m typically a RTA lung hit vaper using dual SS coils anywhere from a .4 to .7 ohm setup around 20 to 30 watts; that’s my tobacco juice happy place. :grinning:

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