Strange one need advice please

Heyyy yaaaaaalllllllll doobi doobi
sorry in a great mood got the rest of the week off work haha

A friend who doesnt live in the uk but comes over now and again has asked me to make him a batch of golden virginia and watermelon juice before he dissapears again.

I havent had a request for anything like this before does anyone have an alternative or any advice on tobacco flavors based on what he has asked for ? Or any recomendations

Thanks as always guys

Never heard of putting watermelon with tobacco… but, I might ask @Jimk because he’s a tobacco NUT! :smile:

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From the reviews it sounds like FlavourArt’s Golden Rollie is what you’re after.
But adding watermelon sounds just wrong…

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Are you sure he isn’t asking for two separate juices?

This is the only thing I could find searching for Watermelon or Melon with Tobacco.

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There is Golden apple that could go with watermelon, but agree with the rest of the gang wtm and tob seems just wrong :smile:.

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Thanks thats what i thought too when he said it errrghhh but hey each to their own will throw some ideas at him see what he thinks

Thanks everyone