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Strange smell of flavoring "Caramel" (Inawera)

Hello! Should this flavor smell like cheap brandy with very pronounced alcohol (
in the original bottle, 5 ml) or did I buy a fake?
P.S. The same thing with “Brown Sugar” from TPA.


Welcome back.
Could you post the vendors website offering the Caramel and or Brown Sugar?


I haven’t heard of any “fake” flavor concentrates yet. Relabels, bad batches etc perhaps.
Alcohols and similar ingredients that can leave a pungent smell are common in concentrates though. One of the reasons why you need to steep your juice to let those volatile flavor carriers (etc) escape.

Make a few single flavor tests from your new concentrates and find out what they’re like to vape. Knuckle tests can give an indication but don’t always tell the whole story.