Strange taste and throat hit

Hey guys I’m completly new in the DIY e-liquids and I have been reading for few days, that I need more VG for bigger clouds and lesser throat hit, so yesterday I bought a liquid base 33PG/55VG/12Water and just 6mg nicotine and Vanilla aroma. So I mixed 10ml bottle with ~9ml base and 1-1.5ml aroma. But when I vape I don’t taste or smell the vanilla (might be just bad aroma), but I don’t understand why I get throat hit and very strange unexpirienced aftertaste. If you need any other info to understand the proble, just say and it’s yours!

P.S.: Forgot to say that my aim is nice vanilla taste with nice clouds. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest you go to the above link and get pure VG and PG. You can also get 100mg nic to mix your own ratio. I have never vaped anything with an additive like water or alcohol. All my mixes are pretty close to 75VG/25PG for the finished product. I mix my juices at 3mgs Nicotine again finished product. I get a little throat hit and plenty of clouds with really good flavor. If I try to vape anything with a higher PG ratio it just beats me up. Makes my chest feel like a truck is setting on it.
If you are unsure of the quantities to use just use ELR create a recipe it will tell you how much of each to add, all you have to do is enter the the ratio you want, the nic level you want and what base your nic is.


@FaktoraNewb might need to sit in the dark for a couple weeks. Unsteep flavors can taste bad (harsh) but @GPC2012 is likely correct. A quick test is just make your same recipe but leave out the flavor and nic …vape it …should taste like nothing. Add the nic …vape it …taste “peppery”? oxidized nic (or just lower quality) then add the flavor …vaaaape …harsh? Don’t dump it out! it might kick @ss in two weeks (try after a week)

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I’m gonna say it’s the water. The few times I’ve rushed cleaned my tanks and not dried them thoroughly I got some pretty nasty throat hits for the first tank full.