Strawberries cream and vanilla custard (TFA)

hi vapors,
i just bought these 2 flavors (strawberries cream and vanilla custard) and its my first time to make my liquid,
i already bought my ready base (40\60) 0.3 nic,

and want you to advises me with the best recipes i can do it with these 2 flavors.

The best place to start is by entering your flavors into your “Flavor Stash”.
Click in the top right-hand corner on ‘My Page’, then click on the top
right ‘User’ and finally ‘My Flavor Stash’. Add all of your flavorings
being careful to put them into your database correctly. After you have
them all in, you can then click on ‘User’ - ‘What Can I Make’ and the
software will give you suggestions.

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I haven’t worked much with S&C TPA. A lot of mixers used a combo of Strawberry Flavors to nail a good Strawberry.

TPA Vanilla Custard is just borderline OK… IMO
Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 5.2% (Median: 4%)

Single flavor recommendations: 20
Average quantity: 10.3% (Median: 10.0%)
Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 5.1% (Median: 4%)

Single flavor recommendations: 32
Average quantity: 8.6% (Median: 8.0%)

6% each…give that a shot

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i did but fond nothing when i searched with my stash flavors :frowning:

i kinda knew that would happen. you dont have enough to get a response outta that button. thats why i offered my input.
try what i said and then adjust to taste. too much sb & c? tone it down. not enough? bump it up. same with the VC

If you only have 2 flavors, there isn’t much you are going to be able to make. You can make…

Vanilla Custard
Vanilla Custard and Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream

All three of which I could vape daily if the flavors are good ones. I don’t have SB&C so I dunno. But you have gotten some good help here so give these ideas shared here a shot. VC takes a good month to two months to steep to perfection. So I would mix up a bottle of that first and let it sit in the closet for at least a few weeks before you try it. The SB&C should be vapable after a few days I would think. Not sure if any of this was mentioned or not as I have navigated away from this thread and am typing blind.