Strawberries Mixed

I have a few strawberry flavours. I want to know which ones work well together and in what ratios. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Strawberry Shisha (INW)
Strawberry (ODF)
Strawberry (TPA)
Strawberry Organic (TPA)
Strawberry Ripe (TPA)



You can search Strawberry Stone on the recipe side and find some good pairings like these


@Chuckie333, take a look at what is repeated in all of those stones posted above: cap sweet strawberry! There are a million strawberry combos that people use and swear by, but over and over again you’ll see sweet strawberry in there somewhere. So many strawberries are lacking in some aspect (which I’m sure you already know and is why you asked your original question :wink: ), and sweet strawberry is great at filling in the gaps. It has a sweet (obviously) candy taste that when used in the mid-low range, 1-3% is my “sweet spot”, really helps round out other strawberries that might be almost too realistic and/or flat.


The strawberry ripe and strawberry by TPA are a pretty popular mixture , im sure in the notes someone will mention a percentage but you should test for yourself … mayne 4 pct ripe 3 % strawberry . Ive never used the plain straw by tpa so im guessing where i would start

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What type of strawberry are you hoping for? Plain strawberry or in a mix?


If you can help me create a strawberry on demand…
I’m looking for 2 actually. One is a realistic full bodied, rich, juicy ripe dark red strawberry and another a sweet one like in a rich strawberry jam. I’ve never even come close to anything like it.

I’ve got sweet sb(cap), sb ripe(tfa), sb (tfa), juicy sb (fa), red touch (sb) (fa), sb shisha (inw), sb (rf), sweetener (tfa) and super sweet (cap). Willing to buy other sb’s if necessary.


I’m looking for something quite sweet to use with a vanilla custard to make a sweet custard, where both aspects are very obvious. Also I’m looking for something more subtle to mix with other berries to make a berries and cream type with some banana and dragonfruit.


The 3rd in a triple SB can be Strawberry (FW) …I know, not in your Stash


For the realistic strawberry i would vote MF as the most realistic then i would round it out with other strawberries. Try ;

1.25% MF strawberry
0.75% shisha strawberry INW
1.5% Ripe strawberry TFA

  • 1 drop per 30ml Alpine Strawberry FLV

Layering a strawberry with a custard can be difficult too much strawberry and the custard barely shows up too much custard and the strawberry disapears over time. Can you link your stash? I would gladly try and put together a mix for you…

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That’s on my shopping list already, together with a whole set of other MF flavors.
Is that right though, 1.25%? What I’ve seen so far is very low %'s for MF flavors… Looks like this one’s going to be a very expensive SB then.

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As with most strawberries the initial flavor will simmer down over time. Strawberry is one of MF weaker flavors. The 1.25% is suggested so that over time you dont get fading and also to keep shisha from dominating…


How do i look at @chuck333 stash?

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I think this is it. Thanks. Sorry for the delay. Data not good at my cottage.

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Okay so after looking at your stash and based on what you have i would try this for a strawberry custard…

1.25% shisha strawberry INW
2% ripe strawberry TPA
1% strawberry TPA
0.75% red touch FA
3% VC V1 Cap
1% sweet cream FW
2% FW whipped cream

Total 11%

Generally i use more than one custard but because i have no experience with TPA or Onedrop i cannot recommend a % to add them in it. I have RF SC and enjoy it between 1.5- 2.5%. My estimates based of the ODF i have tried are the PG ODflaves are 3-4x’s weaker so you could try making a second bottle with the one drop anywhere from 4-6%