Strawberry and kiwi

Hey guys am dien for good strawberry and kiwi recipe just seeing if anyone has anything that will make the mouth water with a nice fruity strawberry and kiwi thanks. Also for a 70vg 30pg used in a geek vape Athena :sunglasses:

I’m in the same boat. :thinking:

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Yea av made a few batches of strawberry and kiwi at 10ml testers with a little steep and a long steep but nothing really catching my taste buds there not bad but not the sort of my all day vape tbh

Which kiwi and Sb flavors are you working with? Which additives do you have? And which have you used? (Surclose, cactus, Swedish fish, gummy this that and the other).

Hat are your top three recipes?

While shopping at ecigexpress, I came upon Flavor Express’ Kiwi Strawberry and thought it sounded good…so I purchased it. When it arrived I gave it a single flavor test and to my surprise it was not only fantastic but was what was the missing ingredient to Kilo’s Kiberry Yogurt.
Here’s the recipe:


Well av tryed tfa strawberry ripe and tfa double kiwi but no luck :joy:

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try FA Kiwi… it’s a totally different profile from the (green and earthy) TFA version. also plays better with other flavors … for the SB, you may look into INW Shisha Strawberry or FA Red Touch… IMHO, these can stand on their own - note for these flavors you will need less flavor % in your mixes. i’d start at 2% and move up.

This is one I’ve been vaping it’s pretty good.

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@BLAX I had just finished a 120 of your original Kiberry Cream which was very balanced and enjoyable. I do see your thoughts as it wasn’t super crack in the SB/Kiwi, but it was based on our old available flavors. Still 5 Stars! Perhaps change your mind on making it Public once again? Still a viable recipe. Hey at least I have a copy :wink: Hmm I just realized you may be working on a Kiberry Cream v2 with the Kiwi Strawberry (FE) …where is that “Follow” button?

Now I have to order another flavor :smirk:


Then we shall jump out of it together :joy::joy::joy:

Nic Rivers kigola is a nice strawberry kiwi flavoring.

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I’m a strawberry kiwi fan myself. This is the recipe I always end up going back to, It’s not a straight strawberry and kiwi, but I find the apple and cactus really add a lot just as enhancers. It’s been an ADV for me for two years now. I adapt it to 70/30 VG/PG and 3mg Nic but the rest of the ratios are dead on for me. Give it a week to steep and you’re good to go.