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To my ELR family i am reaching out because i am about to embark into unknown territory. I am sure I can search the forum a find the info i need but this is a bit time sensitive. The Mrs. has a friend that Vapes this one juice from called Blueberry Smooth. They are a local shop here in Illinois and I used to buy juice from them before i started DIY’ing. anyway this is the only Juice she vapes, its like a blueberry, sweet smooth taste with a kick of menthol or Koolada i believe. They sale their flavor concentrates, kind of expensive and i am not sure how much to mix but i am going to get some because she wants me to make her and her husbands juice for them now. So back to the topic at hand. Her husband vapes thier Strawberry Banana with a low menthol kick added to it. I plan to buy the blueberry smooth flavor (and attempt to clone it later or make something better) but i am out of my relm with banana. I have a few strawberry flavors but no banana flavors. So i am looking to place an order today or early tomorrow so that i can have the flavors before next weekend since they will be coming over. I am linking my flavor stash in this post and I need some help with some good solid strawberry banana recipes that i could add a low menthol kick to. I dont want to buy 2 or 3 different flavors from them i want to use my tried and true stuff to get the strawberry banana… can you all help me out please :slight_smile: thanks in advanced

My stash


I didn’t look at your stash, but if I were going down this path, I would be inclined to try a mix of:

TFA Banana Cream.
CAP Sweet Strawberry.
TFA Strawberry Ripe.
TFA Vanilla Swirl.
Menthol at around 0.5%



This recipe is excellent:

To put a little menthol kick:

4% Capella Cool Mint
.5 % Capella Peppermint

(If you need it cooler increase Cool Mint to 6%)

ECX Menthol Solution is my go to, if you want “real” menthol. Only use .10% (which is a couple of drops per even 60ml) unless you really want a lot of menthol and be careful increasing the menthol, will wreck the mix very fast. Powerful stuff.


This one looks like a steeper with the VC bring so High… I’m Pretty sure they have between getting it at only a day or two old from mix to vape and this one looks like it needs time to develop… I Will probably keep this recipe for myself lol

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Banana cream and vanilla swirl adding to the list thanks! recommended percentages?

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Totally vape ready in 4-5 days but 3 weeks wait is worth it, trust me.

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They won’t get to taste test that next weekend (i have to order a couple more flavors) but I will call and tell them all about it from my vaped out living room lol

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Happy clouding! Just follow that recipe. You can cut the VC down to 6%.


This recipe is a real treat, really excellent blend of flavours and an ADV for sure @Ken_O_Where hit the nail on the head with this one.

1 week steep works but 2 weeks to 1 month really brings out the custard :thumbsup:


So I just called the better vapes shop and asked them for there flavor concentrate for blueberry smooth what did they recommend as a good starting percentage… She came back and told me her mixer says they use 36% lmao really?? That means it’s super diluted right? Wow

If you want a sweet SB Banana mix I’d use Banana Cream TFA and SB shisha INW w/ a touch of SB ripe TFA if you wana add some cream you could do that too maybe 0.5 % of sweet cream FW since you already have that one.

Just a rough draft but you could do something like this

SB Shisha INW 3.00 % ( totally works well up to 6% )
SB Ripe TFA 1.50 % I’d keep this one lower than the sweet SB
Banana Cream TFA 2.75 % this one steeps stronger and will determine how your mix will go too much and it will be the lead note and over power the SB.
Sweet Cream FW 0.50 %

Here is one of my published versions it is a creamy mix for sure


Exactly what I was looking for thanks Amy and everyone else who contributed! Time to place my order :slight_smile:


The one on one cream can that be replaced with anything? That liquid barn vbic is pretty popular might have to do a special order just for that


OoO cream milky is basically a creamy milk I like it Bc it is vg based but yes you could put in a sweet cream in its place.

Yea I have to make a LB purchase to replace my fav so I always buy their vg which is very sweet. You will love that ice cream it is the best !

*** just remember that the OoO is vg based so thats the reason for the increased % I don’t want you to think it’s a 1:1 swap out k !


will this work with TFA banana cream?

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Hi amte, I would go 2.5-3% on the Banana Cream, and probably 3-4% on the Vanilla Swirl depending on how you use the strawberries.