Strawberry (FA)

This flavor is really messed up in the database @daath :disappointed:

Should I add all of the different names for this into my flavor stash? The format should be “Strawberry (FA)” correct?

Ahh, I see. When I add one of the ones with messed up formatting it comes in correct.

What’s messed up about it? I’ll just go fix some FA strawberry dupes ;D

EDIT: Just merged 11 other flavor names into “Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA)” :smile:

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Thanks. I am going through adding flavors to my stash that just arrived. Some are pretty messed up lol. I am getting around it though.

You should just add those with the biggest recipe count (the green number in the drop down)… :smile:

You’re also welcome to mark them as dupes, and I’ll fix them ;D

Oh ok. Will do. Thanks!