Strawberry (Fresh) TFA and Apple (Tart GS) I can't figure these out!

Anyone have experience with either of these flavors? I just picked up some to try it and so far I can’t seem to figure out if my % is off or they need extra long to steep… They kind of have a lingering bitter note. I realize now what I was after / expecting was more of a candy apple and strawberry flavor but I do like the overall taste of the two (seperately). I’ve tried adding Ethyl Maltol as well as layering the flavors but I just can’t seem to get it in just the right place of any flavor profile I’m after. Anyone got ideas?

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Have you tried looking at the detail pages of the flavors?

Fresh Strawberry (TPA):

The average mixing percentage is 6.3% (median: 5%)

Apple (Tart Granny Smith) (TPA):

Average mixing percentage: 5.7% (median: 5%) - as a single flavor, average is 7.5% (median: 10%, based on 4 recommendations)…

There should be a few recipes for you to check out and maybe get an idea of. The bitter note might disappear after steeping, but I don’t know…

Other than that, I can’t really help, as I’m not experienced with these two :smile:

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Ive never used either of them, im a big fan of Strawberry Ripe (TFA) and Fuji (FA)… But i do know that EM will mute flavors so going over 1% to get the desired flavor means you might be using too much of the flavor. Alternatively you could try using Marshmallow, it smooths out flavors at low %'s.

What % are you using them and how do you vape? Meaning are you using tanks or drippers.

Yeah I never go over 1.5 on the EM. I drip @ max VG (usually about 18-20% flavoring), Thats what I meant strawberry ripe… sorry bout that. I just pulled a recipe using both “Granny’s Ripe Peach” or something like that. It got good reviews and I just mixed up a batch. I did a couple other mixes after this post with slightly less of the apple… We’ll see how it goes. I’m gonna keep letting my other attempts steep for a few more days. It’s been about 3 so far on one and it’s gotten a little better.


Yeah. Thanks Daath. I found a mix using both that got pretty good reviews. Reading those two made me realize that I need to contribute more to that flavor detail page!

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While i absolutely love SB Ripe it isnt really great on its own. I mix it with Strawberry Sweet (CAP) to make a great SB flavor. I use SB Ripe for the smell and the SB Sweet for the flavor. On their own neither is a great SB but when mixed together, mmmmmm.

An example would be

5% SB Ripe (TFA)
4% SB Sweet (CAP)

I generally have the Ripe a bit higher than the Sweet. This is an example in one of our favorite recipes:

Strawnana Custard

10% Vanilla Custard (CAP)
4% Strawberry (Ripe) (TFA)
4% Banana Cream (LA)
3% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)

This recipe requires quite a bit of curing time, a minimum of two weeks, my wife says. I prefer it fresh but i like the taste of Vanilla Custard V1 fresh, many people dont. Also the SB Sweet (CAP) contains AP, if i remember correctly.

Glancing at that recipe I bet it would be excellent mixed with Fuji Apple (FA) instead of Granny Smith, but then again i have never used the Granny Smith, im not a huge fan of tart in my eliquid. The chemical used to make things tart leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it… Maybe it is that tart bit that’s leaving the weird taste in my mouth… I’m gonna let these sit a couple weeks and come back to it. I get paid in a few days so I’ll be picking up some new flavors / brands and I’ll totally take your advice with the strawberry.

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The Fuji Apple (FA) also adds a hmm, wetness/juiciness to liquids. Where some liquids have a dry mouth feel the Fuji Apple gives liquids a juicy mouth feel.

@CatHouseVapor has the Sweet SB (CAP) for less than Capella sells it: Sweet SB

Bull City sells the Fuji: Fuji Apple - They sell both flavors but CHV is pretty active, and some awesome people, in the community so i always add their link.

Fuji is a VERY strong flavor, i use it in the 1-4% range depending on how im using it. If i am using it for the juicy affect i use it around 1%, if i use it for flavor i use it up to 4%, they both have coupon codes on the resource page.


Maybe look into vape wizard as well by FA it’s an additive that’ll help round out that bitter n change the ph on the juice a little. Sometimes using just the slightest bit of lemon sicley helps embark this slight push of ph levels as well. Some use lemon juice they kind at the store that looks like. Lemon around 1 % or less can spark your fruit mixes in a better direction. If u like buying additives it would be the citric acid. For sour notes use malic acid 1-2%
I totally agree w/ Ken I love using SB ripe w/ sweet SB it’s a duet MFEO !

I just picked up some lemon juice at the store! That was my instinct as well. I haven’t given it a go yet (i’m behind on some homework). I’ve become quite adapt to tasting my mixes straight away and being able to (mostly) taste where they’ll head with steeping so as soon as my homework’s all finished I will add some lemon juice and give her a taste after an hour or so.

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