Strawberry Ripe .... HELP!

Hey everyone,

I’m completely new to the DIY scene. I already managed one vapable DIY mix but now i’m kind of stuck. I tried making a recipe with TFA’s strawberry ripe. I started with mixing it as a stand alone at 5% 30/70 PG/VG… I really liked the flavour but then the problems started… no matter with what flavour i mix it, every mix is extremely harsh… anyone have the same problem?


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I have problems too grumpy but with 70% it’s heavy and thick so you will have to let it steep for a week. the less of VG you use the more the flavor will pop. and try taking down the % of the flavoring your using to and start low and not high at first. i actually went back to smoking cigs bc i sucked at mixing. the vape wasn’t good it had no flavor. so when i came back to it, it’s a lot better mix when i took the time with it.

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Hey EvilRedLion,

Thx for your reply.
Here’s my recipe, it’s at 9% flavoring, steeping for 2 weeks now :

Strawberry (TPA) 1%
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5%
Fuji Apple (FA) 2%
Sweetner (TPA) 1%

Should drop my flavouring lower then this?

I don’t necessarily think the overall flavoring % should be dropped 9% is fine even w/ a 30/70 blend for the base. I think what is harsh is that SB ripe isn’t a sweet flavor it’s more stern an is great as an additive to enhance the mix in the direction of a realistic berry.

Increasing the SB TFA ( reg not ripe ) to 5-8% then use SB ripe around 1-3% and you’ll see a noticable difference. Then as you wish w/ the rest of the mix. I also say leaving it alone to steep is of high importance ! Give it 2-3 weeks and it’ll be a completely new mix !

In the meanwhile look for shake and vape recipes to tide you through the time your batches are steeping !


Not sure if SR is the culprit or not. I have mixes where I use 10% (mixed with cremes, etc.) and after 1 mo. steeping, it is magical. Granted it fades a bit, but I’ve never vaped it solo, or had any harshness because of it. Mostly my 1 mo. steep time is so the cremes come together. I would have assumed that had you had an issue with the SR flavoring in itself, you would have had an issue vaping it solo.

As others have said, you can drop the %, and/or def. let whatever you’re mixing steep for a bit and try it then. Also, make sure you haven’t accidentally spiked your NIC levels accidentally, etc.