Strawberry shisha 25 ml trade

can’t taste any strawberry including this one,it just harsh and overpowers everything. ideally id like to trade for another flavor locally, im in ottawa canada so chances arent great im like the only mixer in canada.


How many percentages did you use the Shisha Strawberry at? You might have overflavored, which mutes the mix instead of actually doing anything good.

Have you tried Cap Sweet Strawberry? :slightly_smiling_face:

Straw Shisha is my favorite, I’m wondering too what percentages you are using. I only use a tiny bit.

tried at .5% 1% and up to 2.5% its always waxy and harsh and overpowers everything else, not much strawberry and i have tfa ripe and cap sweet SB and it’s the same idea but less intense. but with strawberry ripe I can taste the top notes and greenish vine so I can still use it but low %.

Im confident im not overflavoring im just strawberry blind.

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many suffer from this but luckily mine returned. I think it may be caused by years of smoking and took several months for my to be happy w/ mixing w/ it. i just shelved it and tried a bit after a few months even w/o high hopes but it eventually did. Gl to u!


That is how it is with peach, for me. Totally sucks. To bad you don’t live closer to Detroit. Anywho, good luck


I feel your pain. I oddly recently started getting the harsh notes from shish sb inw as well. It’s a sad thing.

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This is always a possibility… but has it always been like that or do you just have vapor’s tongue and need a break from all the strawberries?

I know I’m getting there at the moment so I try to vape every other flavor I have for a while. I’m positively convinced SB will come back to me after a short while. I’ve had similar things with other flavors before.

It’s always been this way I only bought the shisha because some other SB non-tasters can actually taste this one …feelsbadman.
I have tried mixing with sucralose and that didn’t seem to help me but I haven’t tried mixing it with ripe or cap SB so that will be next. I’m a pretty competent mixer now been at it for over a year and have over 50 flavors now,though none of my recipes are public yet.
it’s definitly not vapers tongue either. Where the canadian mixers dammit!

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Before you totally give up on SB (which would be a shame), there are strawberry stones that have helped others who don’t taste the regular SB flavors. Sometimes it just needs a little booster from a hidden corner…
Check out @Pro_Vapes’s strawberry mix for example:

you know I won’t give up on SB quite yet. Ill definitly try a few things maybe malic acid and dragonfruit etc
thanks for the link

You should definitely try that coconut (FA) too. In small quantities, it does something special with SB.

I have some I will definitly try that, but i do find fa coconut really strong I use it at like .1 - .5 %

That’s odd I find Shisha Strawberry one other more potent strawberries.

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I know this may not help much @warkwarth but INW Strawberry Shisha at 4% standalone is one of my favourites. Bit sad it doesn’t work for you. I’d trade ya some but I’m in Australia :disappointed_relieved: D’oh! Best of luck bro’.

@warkwarth what were you looking to trade for?

Ideally a flavor I can use but with shipping costs to states idk it would even be worth it for us unless your in canada