Strawberry Soda recipe

can you look at my recipe and tell me what you think?

I started just a month go with DIY and mostly adapted existing recipes to the flavors I have. My own recipes so far were vape-able but nothing really special until this one. I think it’s quite good. The Cap Fizz Pop adds the soda feel without the sourness of TFA Champagne or menthol.
More infos in the comment section of the recipe

Hope you enjoy it.


Congrats! I’m not going to comment because I don’t even have all those flavors and I cut out sucralose completely but really, the only person’s appreciation that is important is your own. If you’re happy with it, that’s all you need :partying_face:

At least you have something you can keep a little of on the side while you’re mixing and letting other brews steep. Very important! :wink:


I’m not really sure what it is you want. Do you want us to mix it and rate it? Like @anon28032772 stated, it’s all about what you like. If you like it then there is no need for us to tell you what we think.

Congratulations on mixing a recipe you like after only a month of DIY. It took me much more than a month.


That looks interesting, % seem higher than I would normally go but what the hell, gonna try it anyway :wink:

Going to have a mixing session tomorrow or Tuesday and will get this in there. Thanks for the recipe :+1:


Finally found the time to mix this tonight and while it is really sweet I do enjoy the flavor combination. It really reminds me of a commercial made juice, well done :+1:

I am going to make a couple of more samples for the friends who I think might enjoy this. Also gonna make a second sample without the Super Sweet for myself to compare.

Your off to an awesome start with DIY with this recipe, congrats to you.

Edit: I will go ahead and rate your recipe once it has had time to steep, first impression here is based on a shake n vape.