Hi there
Searching for the best combination for making my strawberry taste more authenthic.
I have FW Strawberry - FA Strawberry - FA Red touch strawberry - CAP Strawberry taffy - INA Strawberry Shisha - CAP Strawberry - FA Strawberry Ripe in my stock.
Now i use af combination of Red touch, Ripe, Taffy an Sweet strawberry but dont taste much like a strawberry.

Anyone got som good hints for me ?


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there is NO “best” combination for real… but what you like more :slight_smile:

by default i make a Strawberry like this:

SB Ripe TFA 4%
Shisha SB INW 2%
SB Sweet CAP 4%

Unfortunately i haven’t worked with FA Strawberries at all to help you… though i have found myself changing these percentages when it comes for mixing with other flavors as Pineapple, Passion Fruit or any other flavors in general…

gl and hf :slight_smile:

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Personally I can’t stand strawberry in a vape but I have read in the infinite strawberry reviews, help requests and recipes that a little bit of citric acid can make such flavours pop.

I usually instantly mute strawberry topics so consider yourself lucky :four_leaf_clover: :wink:


Same thing. :wink:

My recommendation (personal preference) is:
A 2 to 1 ratio of Ina strawberry shisha to FA strawberry (red touch).
(Typically 3% Ina, 1.5% FA when strawberry is the lead note)

The Ina brings the body, and the FA covers the scent.


This ^
I do exactly the same thing :ok_hand:


FA Red Touch adds that leafy top portion taste of a slightly unripe strawberry to me. I recently made a mish mash of the 5 most used strawberries finishing out around 10-11% it steeped out to a tasty mix. Very similar to what others used here. I think strawberry tastes different to everyone so that’s why I endlessly play around with it. It’s also the flavor that I get vaper’s tongue from the most.

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Is Strawberry and Shisha Strawberry from Inawera the same ? Only got the Shisha in stock for now.


Those are in fact two different flavors.

While they are really close, the shisha definitely brings an added, and special note or two to the table.

If I only had access to the non-shisha variant, I’d still be extremely pleased!

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