Strawnana Custard 18+ months on

Why is this jadrool posting a thread in the reviews section? @Ken_O_Where created strawnana custard and mixed this for me from a stone made months before, so I think a review is appropriate. I’m not trying to get into reviewing, Im just excited about this. Here is a link to the recipe, but if you havent already mixed it, you’re a monster:

Like even me until recently, Ken probably assumed this juice was long gone. Nope, I’ve been saving it. I dont like banana or custards, but I’ve enjoyed the rest of the 250ml he sent me, and in some really special circumstances, literally all over the globe. I’m using up the last remainders of juices from my juice locker. Yesterday I sucked down 15ml of my 2yr old pearvana, which was fun. Now Im at the end of things I actually look forward to vaping. Ive been saving the best for last.

Tonight its friday and I’m beat, so I’m stuck vaping my 1/3rd full whiterose LiPo PWM topped with a modfather series rda. The build is dual (series) 7.5 wraps on a 4mm ID set to dissipate ~180W during the pull. Its wicked with hemp and was built in early october.

Back to the juice. Ken mixed this at 0mg for me. IIRC it was also this juice that really convinced me to mix and store my juices at 0mg. Look at how clear that stuff is after 18 months. That’s also Ken’s handwriting if any authorities are in need of that. Strawnana pours like molasses, but it IS 5F outside. It is so fragrant as I pour, I cant wait to give it a vape. Doh, I forgot I had a few puffs of pearvana left. Luckily hemp clears flavors quickly. I dry out the build and pour in some well-aged strawnana custard!

I have the big delrin chimney on my modfather and as I raise the atty to take a puff I get a crazy strong smell of strawnana goodness. Fruity custard, no detectable ylang ylang from the prior juice, thankfully. Taking a 5 second draw I notice the juice feels uncharacteristically dry on my throat, which is raw from all the ylang vaped recently. Note to self, check your afc. Inhaling, subtle strawberry climbs up my nose with the most volatile bits of banana chasing it. Exhaling I taste unmistakable, strong banana. What little butyric acid (tastes like to me, dont get on a vc1 highorse) there was in the early life of this juice were well masked by the banana. Tonight I dont detect (ok, whatever it is in vc1) I generally dislike, at all. But, the custard tastes . . .fractured maybe? The flavor components are there but are occasionally scattered and chalky. Its not bad, just off. I still need to check the afc, but Im getting nic sick.

My atty is a bit on the tight side and Im wondering if that is why the ylang was so strong in the pearvana. . .wish I would have thought of that earlier, oh well. I open up two more columns of afc holes and take another big 5s drag. The custard exhale is now right, still none of the component I dont like although it doesnt seem as lubricating to the lungs as it once did. The banana is lessened and the strawberry is gone. But I now need to refill my dripper. I notice that even in a big dripper like the modfather (which hilds several ml), most fruits are simply gone after a few hits, not the banana though. Its there and tastes great with the custard.

Refill and there’s the strawberry! As I inhale the flavor curls around the edges of my palate and as I exhale its strawnana custard in full effect down the middle with a strawbery tangy finish. I dont think Ive noticed that effect before in any juice, but Im also very much savoring this particular 30ml.

Ive always enjoyed this juice. The flavor has been very stable over the entire time ive had it. Despite “not liking” banana in anything or custard vapes, strawnana is good. As tasted in this big atty, there is nothing subtle about the banana. The custard and strawberry are well-blended and somewhat back. Im glad the age has removed any trace of the slight putrid flavor that I had gotten from the vc1 over the first year or so. Given the amount of vc1 in this juice, I’m amazed at how the banana tames that component. But it’s 100% gone now and Im wondering if I should age my custards for a year before trying. Im also glad this vape reminded me of the significance of afc on flavor as well as the downsides of a dripper, at least as I use and build them.

I want to sincerely thank Ken for sending me some of his creation, especially knowing that this flavor combo is not something Id come up with myself. I’d certainly find a similar situation intimidating, but no one likes what I vape anyway, haha. Ken didnt ask for a review (and wasnt asked:grin:) and Im hoping he doesnt mind this one. This juice has been really special to me and I wanted to write something new about it. Thanks for reading!


Shhh, im not supposed to be here. I got in trouble for not spending time with my lovely wife this week.

Has it been 18 months already? I bet the beefaroni i sent would have expired by now, hehe.

Thing is if you had stored it with nic things would have been quite different. Even at low %s of nic there is quite a big of flavor degradation at that age.

Im really glad you enjoyed it and you writing this up means a lot to me especially with your disdain of custards… Thank you kindly, good sir.

PS: that is my horrible hand writing. :frowning:

PPSS: jadrool, ROFL, that word always makes me giggle.


No finer nor more well deserved Tribute has ever been had. Bravo Gentlemen …to you both …oh wait to all Three [Custards included!]


I giggle at jadrool too. Beefaroni and strawnana, there’s a combo! Honestly since you offered to send me some Ive been plotting the writing of this. People (at that time iirc) were debating whether it is nic that oxidizes (or perhaps encourages oxidization) or the flavorings.

One of the things I hope this demonstrates is that juices can be pretty stable without nic in them. I dont notice any reduction in flavor by adding 4ml of 25mg/ml nic to ~30ml in my recipes. My storage locker is a 6" x 2ft dumpster-retrieved mahogany instrument box. It sits on the floor near my mixing altar. I do need to be careful diluting this way. If my juice and nic are cold (nic is always 1 minute out of the freezer), I must make sure to mix super well, typically by warming in my hands and shaking for several minutes or I can get hot spots. . .also another reason not to use more concentrated nic as I argue elsewhere.

My nic on the other hand I barely get 2yrs out of even with a nic armor plug in the bottle, stored in the freezer. But thats my mixing supply, which gets temp cycled when I forget I have it out of the freezer.

I say I dont like custards, but in reality I just havent mixed any that were great. You and @SthrnMixer have shown me it can be done even for my palate, with of all things, banana. I realized this morning that VC1 tastes more like bile than vomit to me, but not this juice and especially at this vintage.

No, no, no. Thank YOU for sending it and the beefaroni. I was going through a rough patch, you know, at the time and it was kind and thoughtful of you. This juice has now been my companion in several intense periods when I needed comfort. Its been helpful more than you know.


Since I noted the build was from early October, I feel I should say it only lasted for ~10ml of Strawnana. I typically vape fruits at 60%PG, which likely has a lot to do with the longevity of my builds.


The Best Custard Ever, matter of fact it’s really the only Custard I Vape.