Struggling with my new flavors and nic

I just got a bottle of nic but it says to dilute it to desired strength before use do I need to do something to my nic before I use it?

Your nic gets diluted when you add it to your mix.
Pg, vg, flavour’s and nic make up your mix.


Also my new flavoring won’t show up on the calculator.

It did in the final product but idk why, does it look correct to you guys?

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it looks fine I guess…

The general rule of thumb for adding flavors to your stash is to add them as Flavor Name (Flavor Brand) so depending on the brand, you’d add it as something like Mango (FA) or Mango (Inawera) or Mango (TPA).

The recipe looks fine. You’re making 15ml of a 50/50 6mg juice with 10% flavor.

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In general, people who name their flavors like that, “Mango” for example, will find that one day it’s called “Mango (TPA)” even if it isn’t from TFA/TPA :wink: Otherwise it looks fine :slightly_smiling:

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It maybe a very beginner question but, what is TFA and TPA?

Brands of flavorings :slight_smile: TPA is The Perfumer’s Apprentice, and TFA is The Flavor Apprentice. In here, TPA is the same as TFA, but we call it TPA! :slightly_smiling: We have a list of some of the abbreviations here :slightly_smiling:

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@Lebby_lou, to get the most use out of the Calculator (saving recipes, searching recipes, finding what you can make, etc) it’s important to enter all your flavors into your flavor stash.

On the calculator page, click User at the top and My Flavor Stash

Now you’ll want to enter the flavor in the Add Flavor box

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/7c8490e636bc2fb32a3bc1800a0d625272f9fcd1.JPG" width="455"height=“224”>

Start typing the flavoring name. Most of the time the flavor and various makers of that flavor will appear in a menu below. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. So let’s say you want to add Bavarian Cream by LorAnn

Once the results show, click on the correct one and it will populate in the box, then just click Add.

Make sure after you’ve entered your flavors to scroll down and click the green Save button. Now you have added to your stash.


A pro-tip using this example: LorAnn is called (LA) here, and the add-autocomplete drop-down searches only need a little help, so you can enter “la ba cr”, and the first result will be the correct one :slightly_smiling:


Dude, what a good thing to find out. You’ve taught me 2 things today.

KEEP IT GOING BRUDDA! :slight_smile: