Studies clearing smoke around e-cigarettes

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Honestly, I am wondering how I can get rid of the vapor in my house. It gets like cloud 9 and all the windows and mirrors are fogged up and wet. I did a search for de-humidifier yesterday, but I didn’t find anything at Fasttech.

Before I starting using e-cigs I saw them marketed as producing “water vapor.” Then when I learned what the liquid really is I was like whaaaaaat? How can you have water vapor produced from glycol and glycerin? You can’t, and neither would a de-humidifier help with our vape emissions. It’s not water, so just like smoke, it won’t help. Outside of some type of filtration system that moves a ton of air, I can’t imagine what would work. So here I crack windows and such but it’s little help. I do go through my share of paper towels and Windex though. Big difference from before is the paper towels stay white instead of turning brown as I clean. :thumbsup:


Yep, no water vapor. Greasy VG and a little PG on the windows. It’s SO annoying.

I got tired of using so much paper, so I bought a window vacuum cleaner to help with the too frequent window washing :stuck_out_tongue: I got a Kärcher:slightly_smiling:

I just go outdoors when I vape. The only difference now is that I reply to something on the forums when I’m vaping (you can tell by my time stamps…every hours or so)

#1. I don’t know how my post below Brotherbob1 got here?
#2. Brotherbob’s link doesn’t have anything to do with clearing ejuice out of the air in your home.
I bought a small $35 de-humidifier and it gets about one cup every 3 days, But it is not sticky water and it is not the same sticky stuff that accumulates in my central air conditioner’s air filter. That air filter is always very wet and sticky. I’m wondering what my vents all throughout my home are like and if, IF that could grow mold on it. The mirrors and the glass on jars in my kitchen are still sticky and wet too, but not as bad as prior to running the dehumidifier. I must mention… I’m wondering if there is something wrong with my central air conditioner unit. I asked my father in law who is a certified air cond. tech, but he gave me no answers.
I feel like i’d spend up to $100 for something to help with this problem.
If someone could invent something, they would be rich overnight.

I have to edit adding these thoughts…
I used to smoke 2 ppd inside my house and i’d clean all the walls and everything about once a year.
The best thing to remove cigarette smoke residue is Lysol Arosol Bathroom spray cleaner. I’m glad I kicked the habit and yet it is disappointing that ejuice is now gunking up my house. Honestly, I think I am a mouth-to-lung vaper, and often I don’t even inhale much of it. I’m mostly interested in tasting the juice, so most of it doesn’t go past my tongue. Well, that means it going out into the room. It’s 98 degrees F outside today here in Florida, so i’m not too fond of opening a window or going outside.
I’d like something that I can put in my air conditioner vent as a filter that can collect the sticky stuff. Maybe some of those gels you can put in the dirt of your plants that hold moisture, so you don’t have to water your plants as often.
Well some chemist needs to invent a “” vaper’s air conditioner filter."""
Thanks for any help or input.