Sub Vapes Heizenberg

So I’m trying to clone this e liquid.
It’s my first proper progect and was really hoping some of the more experienced mixers might be able to point me in the right direction.
As I’m a little stuck as the label says mixed fruit.
And I have no clue as to what mixed fruits

If you can’t read the label it says grape and mixed fruit with cool mint and absinthe.
I was looking at @GrumpyBear clone and he said they tasted a little like sambuca.
This also has a taste of sambuca so was good to start with that and alter

Hi there I found a recipe for Heisenberg, not sure if it’s exactly what you’re after but it has a mixture of fruits in which may help you. I have not tried it yet as I am a newbie and still waiting for my equipment and supplies, but this will be the first one I try.
-Ainse (fa) 0.5%
-Apple double (tfa) 1%
-Blueberry candy (tfa) 8%
-Bubblegum (tfa) 4%
-Koolada (tfa) 1%
-Raspberry (iwa) 1.5%
Hope that helps. Happy mixing :grinning:

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I have also found this one which looks like a good one to try aswell.


I saw the top one and was going to change ani for absinthe and tweak thanks for the post I appreciate it.
And koolada for cool mint.
Then tweak with flavours as I want to ad grape too