Substitute for Flavors?

Curious if anyone here knows of a substitute for

Burley (FA) Virginia (FA)

I want to try this recipe I found on FA UK but have no desire to buy flavors that I probably will never use if this recipe sucks?

FA-UK Biscuit And Butter (Garnier81) :

1% Burley (FA)
1.5% Cookie (FA)
0.25% Honey (FA)
0.5% Virginia (FA)

Flavor total: 3.25%
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The Burley Tobacco (FA) and the Virginia Tobacco (FA)
are only $3.50ea at ecigexpress…
This Virginia Tobacco (FA) has a strong honey undertone, and not dry like some tobaccos.
The Burley Tobacco (FA) must have ethyl maltol as it is a bit sweet, but still more of a
cigar/pipe tobacco taste than a cigarette tobacco taste.

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