Substitute for Sugar Cookie flavoring?

I noticed a lot of recipes use either Sugar Cookie or Cinnamon Sugar Cookie flavors.What would make a good substitute until get these flavors? Thanks!

I read this a couple weeks ago. It might help…

#32 by Baba Fats, Jan 5, 17:33
I don’t have Sugar Cookie, but I do have FA Cookie, and TFA Brown Sugar extra. Any idea how I could mix these to sub for the sugar cookie?

#33 by ThirdWorldOrder, Jan 5, 17:39
@Baba nether of those ingredients will ever get you anywhere close to CAP Sugar Cookie

#34 by Baba Fats, Jan 5, 17:41
gotcha. I’ll pick some up with my next order

#35 by Dagnus, Jan 6, 01:03
@NotCharlesManson & @ThirdWorldOrder, is there really no sub for CAP Sugar Cookie?? FA Cookie and AP or Marshmallow?


Thanks for the reply, will look forward to ordering that flavoring.

BTW, that thread didn’t turn up in my search “Sugar Cookie”.
Where is it located, please?


I thank you all!

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Tfa cinnamon Danish maybe, maybe. It can be molded into a sugar cookie if u like lofthouse brand cookies.

Great recipe btw. I made some on 1/31 and forgot about it until a week ago.

No sub for CAP Sugar Cookie in my experience either. Even FW Sugar Cookie isn’t the same. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl v1 goes hand in hand with CAP Sugar Cookie. Then, add 0.5% of both FA Almond/Joy if you want/can and it will bring out the pastry notes in the CDS.

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Probably a long shot, but is there anything out there that comes close to CAP sugar cookie?