Substituting Flavor Brands

As someone who’s been vaping for several years, but am complete newbie to DIY mixing, I’m probably searching for something which doesn’t exist, but believe it certainly should. Does anyone know if there’s some sort of list or chart which details brand substitutions. To give an example of what I mean, let’s say you’re baking a cake, but you are out of regular sugar. However, everyone knows Stevia is a pretty good substitution, but not at a one to one ratio. In other words, for a tablespoon of sugar, you would probably only want a quarter teaspoon of Stevia to achieve the same sweetness. Since one company’s e-liquid flavor, let’s say 1% caramel (TPA) might be three times as strong or have a different flavor profile as 1% Caramel (CAP), is there any way of knowing how to substitute the brands and flavors effectively, and at what ratios? I seem to keep running into recipes I have most everything to make, except half of my flavors may be from different manufacturers than listed in the original recipe. Hope I wasn’t too all over the place with what I’m trying to ask.


i sub a lot and usually look where the original flavor relates to the mixing median in the flavor list notes and do the same for the subbed flavor. But remember they will taste a tad diff.


I’ll have to take a look at that, and compare a couple of flavors to get a feel for what you mean. Hadn’t thought of that though.


Not that I’m aware of… but you can look up each flavor and check out the recommended %s for them as well as read peoples notes on them, and then make substitutions based on that.

For certain recipes, it’ll work to swap things out. For others, it will throw the whole thing in a completely different direction. So just because a flavor is a “custard” for instance, doesn’t mean it will play well as a sub in a recipe. That being said, you can always try to sub half the flavors, you might love it! When I was brand new at mixing I found @Amy2’s yo! melonberry recipe and ended subbing 4 of the 6 ingredients…lol (she was super nice about giving suggestions though :wink: ) and it turned out nice, but probably completely different than the original.


id be bored to death if i did have every flavor available, u may come up w/ something better then the original, and pride in that u did


Subbing is not a precise science but you can get a general roundabout start point with some maths. Of course this will not take care of the different flavour profile of the concentrates.


Thank you!! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to sub various flavors and this is genius. I’ll give it a go at my next mixing session.


Wow, I couldn’t have hoped for a better response to my conundrum. Great post! I bet a lot of others will find that endlessly useful. Thanks a bunch, woftam, much appreciated.


ever heard of Dampfaromen-Prozente?
It’s a 2nd place to check on most flavors single flavor recommended percents. It’s in German, but % and flavor names stays the same in any language :smile: