Substituting TPA/TFA strawberry with FA red touch (strawberry)

Hi all,

This is my first topic, i am trying to make the mother’s unicorn milk recipe i found here and i needed some help with it.
I had success with a 10ml test batch, but i seem to have ran out of TPA strawberry ripe. I just received some FA strawberry, and i was wondering if i could use it instead of TPA strawberry ripe in that recipe, and at what percentage? The TPA strawberry ripe is used at 10% in that recipe. TIA.

You could venture a guess from the stats pages:

Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA):
Red Summer (Strawberry) (FA):

If it’s used at 10% I would try Flavour Art’s strawberry at 5% to start (although that seems high to me), then slowly add a bit more until it fits your taste…


Call me crazy, but if Black Touch is black licorice flavor, wouldn’t Red Touch be red licorice flavor? I guess red licorice is still technically strawberry, but I just imagine it being more like a strawberry licorice flavor…kinda like Twizzlers. Of course, I haven’t used it so feel free to tell me to shut it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried to figure out a percentage to use by analyzing notes on both in their respective stats pages with no luck, that’s why i posted here. I was actually going to start at 5%, knowing that FA flavorings are much more concentrated than TFA’s, but wanted to see if anyone else tried to sub them before successfully. Thanks for the help daath.

Shut up JoJo… you’re crazy, lol!! Jokes aside, this definitely smells like ripe strawberry to me, nowhere near strawberry licorice. I double checked, and this is what they call it, at least on the website i bought it from.


Uh, I thought it was called “Red Summer” - But I see it’s “Red Touch” :smiley: If Flavour Art made red licorice, I’d be all over that! :smiley:


I use it at 4% in a couple of recipes but it is in addition to another strawberry. It doesnt seem to be overly strong to me. 5% will probably be a good starting point using it alone.

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It looks like LA, FW, and TPA all do…FA needs to get on that!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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