Substitution for Vanillin 10%

Good Morning fellas!

I want to try the Castle Long V2 recipe and I don´t have Vanillin. Can I Substitute it with e.g. Vanilla Custard or do you have any suggestions?


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I would try and sub it with another vanilla . I would use one of these if possible FA Vanilla Classic or FA vanilla Tahiti , either one at 2.0% and add if possible FA Marshmallow at 1.0%.
IMO the Vanillin 10% is lightly vanilla flavored but very sweet , it helps the flavors meld together and imparts a sweetness to the mix.
If I didn’t have either FA vanilla’s ,I would just go with FA Marshmallow or any other brand marshmallow @ 2.0%.

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Yep, I agree with BoyHowdy…almost. I’m not familliar with FA vanillas. I only have TPA so if I was in your shoes, I’d start with this… 1% French + 1% marshmallow + .5% cotton candy (CC at this %age shouldnt mute the mix - I’d be expecting it to sharpen the sweetness of the MM a little).

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Good Ideas Thank you!
Fortunately I have French Vanilla, Marshmallow and Cotton Candy at home!

I´ll try it.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Good luck with it Chris! I’m interested to hear how you go with it
Out of interest, who’s V2 is it …EWS’s?

Yeah, I chose the highest voted and thats EWS´ Version!
I´m pretty curious how it tastes!

I can tell you from experience its awesome!! Very close to the original.
That said, I made a couple of changes to suit my palette… & my stash.
If your stash is lacking EWS’s flavor brands, this recipe is also awesome!
From memory, I lowered the coconut a little & upped the toasted almond.
I’ve just checked EWS’s & yes, thats what I did. I also subbed the FA vanilla bourbon for TPA & the FA oak wood for TPA red oak.
But guess what,… you’ll notice I didnt use vanillin (after all that!). I remember now… for me, it was sweet enough with out it! This shit rocks man!.. even without the vanillin. ENJOY! (I should say, it is a gunker tho)

Castle Long Clone EWS/vT sub

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% 2
Brown Sugar (TPA) 2.5
Coconut Extra (TPA) 2
French Vanilla (TPA) 2
Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) 6
Red Oak (TPA) 2.5
Toasted Almond (TPA) 4.5
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 2

Flavor total: 23.5%

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You know the weird thing about the original is I’ve read a number of people saying its all about the coconut. For me, the original was all about the almond - I didnt get coconut at all, except for maybe 1 puff towards the end of the bottle I thought I detected it. This is why I made the changes that I did. That said, next time I mix this (which will be tomorrow - thx for putting it back on my radar!), I think I’ll drop the TA back to 4%…and I’ll still be doing it without vanillin.

I´ve never tried the original, but the ingredients sounded interesting!
Thanks for your Comments!

BTW: I also ordered Red Oak because Chefs vapour doesn´t have oak Wood in stock!

I love the Castle Long flavor profile as well , it is a very complex flavor but so smooth.It is one of a handful of recipes that I mix in 480 ml at a time.I get more of the toasted almond than the coconut as well.You can find several variations on this recipe and all I have tried are very good.My favorite is this one , it only uses half of the amount of flavoring at 10% but I find the flavor pops more on this recipe.I also get a little better coil life out of this recipe.
Castle Long Clone by jonhall2 :

1.5% Acetyl Pyrazine 5%
1% Brown Sugar Extra (TPA)
1.5% Coconut Extra (TPA)
2.5% Kentucky Bourbon (TPA)
1.5% Toasted Almond (TPA)
1% Vanilla Bourbon (TPA)
1% Vanillin 10% (TPA)

Flavor total: 10%
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I’ve always heard that Vanillin is to bring out cretin flavors to make them pop like cinnamon and so on… that is was not a vainilla substatute and taste nothing like vanilla

It also helps to make vanilla pop , and adds a sweetness.That is why when replacing in Castle Long you can add a vanilla and a sweetener to help do the same thing.

Good Morning,

yesterday I got my flavors and I already tried the castle long recipe you mentioned @vonTrueso.

It´s defnately not a shake n vape! So I´ll let it steep for some time and try it again.
I know from other recipes that the coconut needs some steeping time, it taste a lil fusty right now…

Let´s see how it turns out after some steeping!

Maybe I´ll add some sweetener too, there´s something missing I think!

99.9℅ of all recipes needs 2 weeks sitting so it can steep and .1% might be vapable right away but I don’t think there is a such thing called shake and Vape, that term is used to much IMO

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This clone is very very good. Def not a shake and vape. It just tastes like a mess of flavors till about 2 weeks in. After 4 weeks it’s prime… at least I’ve never made it past the 4 week mark. I love the whiskey burn. It’s like doing shots without the hassle of an unwanted child 9 months later.

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True !
Vanillin smells like vanilla, but doesen´t taste like it!:slight_smile:
I have used it to take the “edge of an sharp taste” as it can mellow it down and give it more “round edges”

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Yeah @Chris54, sorry I should’ve mentioned the steep time- won’t start coming together for at least a week, then another week or 2 at least. Longer the better!! As for the vanillin, there might be some subjective taste factor involved here. I enjoy it without - that’s just me

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Hows it going Chris?.. Should be a pretty tasty brew by now

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Thanks for asking, I haven´t tried it since I mixed it.
But thanks for reminding me, I´ll definately try it out today!

I´m very curious ^^

I’ll X my fingers you’ll be finding a yummy surprise! Let me know…I’m curious too!
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