SubTank mini issues

Having a bit of an issue with the subtank mini. Seems every time I am going to put in a new coil (rebuild-able part of the subtank) I can’t get the deck part disconnected from the chimney portion and/or the top part that removes from the chimney. It’s taking me pliers every time and I actually bent the chimney while trying to get a grip this last time.
I’m using a higher vg mix so it seems like I am clogging the coil and either needing to burn off residue or changing the coil every 4 or 5 days, so this is becoming a pretty common issue for me.
Any suggestions?

Question, is your subtank hot or quite warm when you try to disassemble? If yes is your answer, I would try it after it cooled. Probably way off but I can’t think of any reason for you to have the problem you describe. Usually the problem I hear people tell me with these tanks is when opening to fill with juice the coil unscrews from the base constantly. May I suggest should you not figure out a solution that you not use the rebuildable deck and instead rebuild the factory occ coils. It’s really not hard at all and a whole lot easier to wick correctly. It’s actually much easier to build than the rebuildable deck…

The tank isn’t warm at all, nor have the threads stripped out on either end of the chimney, just seems to be almost fuzed together and I have to fight to get the deck portion off at all. The tank wicks very nicely and building the coil for it is very simplistic. My step daughter uses the occ coils in her standard subtank and I was planning to rebuild one of hers in the next couple days. Thanks for the reply though.

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You are very welcome. Truth be told I hear issues with the build deck too often. There are REALLY good videos on youtube on rebuilding the OCC coils. I was amazed at how easy it is. In the end I think you will be glad to get away from that rebuildable deck…Good luck!

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I gave up on the rba. I vape around 30-35 watts so I just rewick the occ coils. With my high vg liquids I leave a small gap between the cotton and the air holes, just enough for the thick liquid to flow in but not enough to flood. Tool awhile to figure it all out but I can easily vape at 40w now.

I’ll probably buy the new rba for it when it comes out. See if it is any better.


Hope it is indeed better cause the rd deck in them now SUCK, for sure…

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I know this is late to the party and you probably have a new tank/setup by now but… If you push down on the piece as you turn, I use the palm of my hand, that really seems to help.

I rebuild the subtank mini all the time. It sounds silly but while having the same issue as you I dropped the RBA on the table, after that is unscrewed with no issue. So now when I rebuild the V1 deck I just tap it on the table a few times and it comes right off. The V2 is so much easier to disassemble, I got 5 of them from FastTech for like $2.50 each

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I’ve had the same problem with the Subtank Mini RBA. I just put it in the freezer for 15 - 20 minutes and it comes right apart. Instead of using the RBA I just rebuild the older two piece OCC coil with a SS vertical coil.