Succesful first batch!

Just made my first batch of e-liquid, and I’m happy to say that it was a success! Much Mahalos to Freshepies for sharing his ‘Peanut Butt’hurt’, all Flavorah flavorings recipe. It’s perfectly vapeable as is, but will continue to richen out when fully steeped, which is about ten days.

What I’ve learned:

  1. Decant all working PG, VG and Nic into smaller containers (30 ml glass dropper bottles) to make it easier to dispense.

  2. Mix directly into the container of choice, rather than mixing into a glass decanter, then pouring into a storage container. Less wastage.

  3. I’ve NEVER vaped anything smoother, and with almost no bite, in all my years of vaping. Been vaping (and tobacco-free) since 2014, and even the so-called premium brands were not this smooth.

Now that my first batch has been made, I see how simple it really is to DIY, and look forward to making more!


Congratulations and consider yourself fortunate to have hit on a recipe that works for you out of the gate. It’s more common to have more misses than hits in the beginning. Glad it worked out for you.


That’s fantastic @HawaiianVaporTraiz. It took me ages to settle into mixing something I really liked. Really good you had success with your first mix. Now you have a go to for the future. :grin:


Well done @HawaiianVaporTraiz and may you mix many more recipes that put a smile on your dial.

I’m sure you are but keep notes as you can tweak things and brainwave another idea.

Brainwaving isn’t my strong point as I just just commit out and out plagiarism but even then I enjoy the process.


To avoid waste but use a graduate beakers I do my flavouring mixes into a 5/10 ml beaker then wash it out with a touch of pg (calculated into the recipe)

I tried mixing directly into containers but with all the flavourings capped that I have I find the graduated beakers much easier and they’re probably as / more accurate than the cheap syringes I bought.

The graduated bottles I bought are way off. I measured 100ml across syringes and beakers and it shows as 115 in the bottle. So that clearly can’t be trusted!

Thanks for the heads up on the recipe. I’d like a pb vape. I used to vape one that I’ll have to rmemeber and see if someone has cloned it.


I recommend a scale, waste = 0.
I use drops to make test batches, 5 - 10 - 15 ml (each drop weighs 0.02 approx.) And for larger batches, the scale.
As there are drops larger than others, when I have something that I like, I repeat the batch by drops but on the scale, and I take note and adjust the percentage. I do not know if it is understood, forgive my grammar, I use the translator.


In this photo there is a batch of 30ml also by drops, for laziness of passing it to a recipe …


Yes, I used a scale. I think I’ll only use the glass beaker when I’m mixing larger quantities 60 ml and up, so it’ll be easier to use my mixer. For any other quantities 30 ml and smaller, I’ll add directly to the storage container. And shake, shake, shake! LOL


Thanks’. I really was fortunate to have hit it off immediately. But I really have to thank all of you guys and gals for putting up with my inane questions, and guiding me down the DIY road.

Hmmm. Just received an email from Bull City promoting Purilum. Not as super concentrated as FLV, but I’m willing to take a shot. Many reviewers say the most of the flavors are great as stand-alones, which is a plus for a newbie like me

Any thoughts on Purilum?


Many but not as much as some here who have worked with more of that brand than I have. They have some great offerings. And for some a must have in your stash. What’s your wheelhouse? Oh and thx for the heads up. I don’t recall getting a notice. I’ll check.


No problem. Just trying to “vape it forward”. LOL


Greetings, and a happy Thursday morning from Texas!

I did the above recipe again about a week ago and ran into a small snag: it was very bitter. I’m thinking I may have accidentally doubled one or more of the flavorings, and/or used the wrong calculator.

I’m about to try a third time, but in a bigger batch size, and wanted to run some numbers by you guys first, to double-check:

Peanut Butt’hurt, by Freshepies

Total to make: 85 ml
Desired VG/PG ratio: 70/30
Nicotine juice:
-100% PG

Desired Nicotine strength: 3 mg
Flavor brands are all Flavorah

Nicotine: 2.49 grams/3%
PG: 17.62 grams/21.25%
VG: 70.62 grams/70%
Total base: 90.73 grams/94.25%

Caramel: .20 grams/.25%
Chocolate Deutsch: .83 grams/1%
Graham cracker: 1.2 grams/1.5%
Peanut butter: 1.5 grams/2%
Vanilla pudding: .86 grams/1%
Totals: 95.32 grams/100%

Suggested steep time: 10 days
Nicotine strength: 3 mg
PG/VG: 70/30
Flavor total: 4.58 grams

I dropped the flavor percentage of the Chocolate Deutsch from the original 1.25% down to 1%, as it seemed to be too overpowering, (to my personal taste) even after the recommended steep time.

Apart from my nic juice being pure PG, those are the only changes I made to my version.

I ran everything through the steam-engine calculator to double-check, but came out with vastly different numbers.


Well done on creating a method that makes you happy.

It is hard to factor others: You’re happy with results.

So, well done to all.


I worked more slowly and methodically this time around, and it was a success. I made sure to check and double check my ingredient measurements before dispensing, and got into the habit of zero-ing out the scale after each ingredient.

The 70/30 VG/PG ratio has a bit more throat hit than the 80/20 pre-made e-liquids I used to buy, but nothing too strong.

Reducing the chocolate deutsch percentage really helped in bringing out the other flavors, particularly the peanut butter and vanilla pudding flavors.

I was thinking of substituting the vanilla pudding with something cremier, like bavarian cream. I’ll have to do a bit of research to find the minimum-maximum percentages.


Congrats …I still remember my reaction when in first made something I was proud of.


You could try just adding some Cream Fresh

Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA)


Note to self: be sure you have all needed ingredients prior to mixing. I ran short of VG and a key flavor in the middle of mixing. Thank goodness it turned out good.

Next paycheck: more VG!


Next time you make a recipe that call’s for a 70VG/30PG feel free to click that little box for Max VG. You won’t be adding any PG to the recipe except what is in the flavor’s. It will kill most of the throat hit you experience by adding PG to your mix and it won’t change the flavor of the recipe. Good mixing.


Thanks for the tip!