Success for first time mix/some what

Well after a few small problems I finally did it.
Started with an easy single flavor (candy cane) and yes I know a lot of people do not like this but it was one of the first I used along with the tobacco red,at any rate I wanted to go simple with my first batch.
I’m now convinced that going with a kit might not be the best idea I am working with a kit from LB and saying I’m not impressed is putting it lightly,due to the lack of choices in LB flavors there’s only 3 out of the 11 I got that I’ll use the rest will be trashed likely.
I noticed right off that I could pick up hints of ammonia from my liquid,but after about four days that tamed down I guess even a single flavor mix needs a little while to steep before use.
My first flub is I had the wrong scale so I had to purchase the AWS scale I just find that easier and cleaner and hey now I can actually weigh my Indiana flour gold :-):grinning:.
The second problem or it was for me came at the point where I needed to mix everything those cheap egg whippers,or at least mine did not do well with the 30/70 PG/VG mix I guess the impression is people only want to make 15ML batches at a time,so when I went to mix my 60ML batch the thing was dead in the water with drained batteries.
You can only imagine the mess I had when I went to the garage and got the weed eater out to finish the job:laughing:
Once I got that cleaned up I decided right there and then I should get a magnetic stirrer which will be here today.
End of story,I want to thank everyone here for all the grate information you have all shared.
P.S. I was just joking about the weed eater LoL…:grin:


First, welcome and congrats on your fist mix, if you can vape it yer doing pretty good! Second, what LB flavorings did you get. We have some folks experienced with LB and might be able to lend a hand. They make some really good flavorings, i consider their Vanilla Ice Cream to be one of the few flavorings i cant live without.


Ah I’m good now I got what I needed for what I like I’ve also got other people wanting me to make stuff for them and those are simple requests for spearmint and tobacco I wound up spending $37.00 on other flavorings about two weeks ago so I’m set now I’m nuts about all melon and Illuminati so I got the TFA FW brand flavors for that.
I can’t recall all of the stuff right off hand as my box is sitting in the other room…
In the end its just a learning curve and shows I should have done some research or far more than I did in the beginning.


Holler if you need us and happy mixing! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Tim317 !!!


hi yall can someone help me with using the calculator Im new to this and it will be my first batch. Im using 48mg nic pg based so I need to know how to plug in the nic numbers for nic strength and pg content of nic?


@Budro Very easy, just create a new recipe, then enter your initial NIC strength, Carrier(s) i.e. PG/VG, then enter your desired final NIC strength levels here …



Please forgive me if I sound stupid, but I see a box there labelled “Water/Vodca/PGA”. Now I am an occasional drinker, but but I have never considered vaping alcohol. Is that seriously suggesting that somebody would put a fairly strong alcoholic beverage into their vape?

Best regards


just out of curiosity which flavors are you dumping from LB ? @Tim317


Some people back in the day used to dilute their mixes with vodka, by now people switched to distilled water. Or some still doing it there’s the option so nobody feels left out lol.

Some flavors contain alcohol and I see a lot of people putting it in that box, nothing to do with that, that’s totally different.


Especially people who have an allergy or sensitivity to PG, they mix their juices with Max VG or 100%VG. VG isn’t as good a flavor carrier as PG, so some use distilled water and/or (small amounts) of vodka to get a more flavor and make their juice a bit thinner.

There are a couple threads on the forum about the use of it. Just use the search function and look for vodka


Greetings Suomynona, and thank you so much for educating me on that. I didn’t know that people might be allergic to PG, especially when it is used as a preservative in most canned foods, so I guess no canned foods for them, right?

I will look for a thread on mixing alcohol with E-Liquid

Thanks a lot for your input.


I think this is the most popular and informative one out there…


I don’t know about that… there are many applications with PG, but vaping exposes people to much larger amounts than regular people come in contact with I assume.
Quite a few vapers report stuff like rashes, burning/scratchy air ways and stuff like that. It’s a real thing.


Not sure about others, but I’m PG sensitive, I don’t use vodka in my high VG juices. I also don’t have issues with it in my normal life, with products containing pg.

But every time I vape it, I can’t breath, my throat starts hurting real bad and giving me soar throat symptoms, even a days after I vapes it. As well as giving me nearly an instant migraine and nausea.

I’m not at the point were I need too vape max VG, I can go as low as 75/25 but after 5ml I’ll get the effect stated above. No issues with higher VG tho, or max. I also don’t buy VG based flavors, but VG based nic. Just have to be careful that’s all, but nothing that needs strictly to be avoided for me.


Greetings eStorm,

Please forgive me if I sounded accusational in my last post. I said in another thread that I am new here and I am looking to start making my own E-liquids.

The reason I asked the question was that I didn’t understand why somebody would use an alcoholic beverage in their juice.

Again, thank you for educating me.


46.33% VG, 27% PG, 6% nicotine (36Mg/G) and 10% flavouring.I don’t understand LB. Please define?


Last reply wa to fidalgo_vapes.


Im sorry im still a little lost. I know to put in the desired strength. Ok now I have 48mg pg based nicotine so what do I put in the nic strength and what do I put in the pg content of nic?

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