Such A Shame, What Chance Do 2018 Recipes Have To Feature.On The Listings Here

Still use this site regularly, but find the “What Can I Make Function” then clicking on ratings search to be frustrating.

I want to try more recent recipes as 2016/17 recipes or earlier are often disappointing and more up to date recipes can be a little more interesting in general terms and tastes for me.

I currently have nearly 400 flavours, not the biggest but a decent amount to make and try a few different recipes. On my latest current search I had to go through 14 pages (350 recipes) before I found the highest rated 2018 recipe I could make. I realise I can go from the first page of results before clicking on rating to start from today’s date backwards for 2018 but just as much trawling to find the rated recipes and the highest ones are hard to sort this way…

A search by year only then click on ratings for What Can I make would be useful and give the ability to get rid of 2014/15 recipes etc and get some of the more recent recipes voted on and up the search results

I personally not keen on these Facebook, Reddit type DIY groups, as majority of recipes I am missing 1 or 2 flavours, but can see the attraction for instant discussion and thoughts of the very latest recipes, to be posted, to motivate you you make them


So you don’t think that some of us here have made good recipes back in 2014 and 2015? It begs the reasoning that you are mixing highly rated recipes (which many are hype) and not creating your own preferred recipe profiles.But hey, if you think that all of our older creations suck then you have not dug deep enough.


I’m with OP on this. I’ve only created my own recipes since the beginning. Save for that one @R113 Pina Colada remix…But, I can see the value of having the option to search by year. Not to slight the OG recipes, but both equipment and mixology have evolved exponentially since 2014/15.


I kind of saw things evolve from 2010 to 2015 so I’m not at the same crossroad. But I will say, if anyone thought 2014/2015 mixes sucked then you should try a 2010 mix. Talk about evolved recipes, I thought many 2014/2015 recipes were awesome.


I wouldn’t put a whole lot of faith in the search by ratings function. I mean it has it’s place but too often users will give their own recipes 4 or 5 stars whether it’s worthy or (most often) not.


I don’t go off ratings any more at the end of the day i look at whats in it and if something looks like it shouldn’t work or maby it is right up my ally in my mind then i try it and see if it does or doesn’t and hopefully learn something. Also there is only one way a good recipe is going to get good ratings and thats if someone like myself tries it and rates it. I also build relationships with people and mix there’s they often then make more of a effort to mix mine as well. But i do agree on having a ratings system devided into years or months even


You all need to lighten up its a valid opinion


Who said it wasn’t a valid opinion? Seems like these are valid answers as well.


The whole rating system should be taken with quite a few grains of salt.

Some of the highest rated recipes are in my opinion terrible, and i made the mistake of mixing 60 or even 100ml of something that has a lot of 5 star ratings just becase the rating was so high. It’s important to note that mixes that I find terrible might be perfect or excellent for other people …

Important to note is that there are literally hundreds of new recipes added each month, and they quickly disappear from the front page, but they are still there, and you can always sort the ‘what can i make’ by date, and look at the recipes from the last few months


i think that it is a complicated situation.i have no doubt that there were good recipes back in 2014-2015(i wasn’t even a vaper in 2014),but a lot of things have changed since then.flavors have changed,equipment has changed,hardware has changed,new flavor companies enter the game and others are closing.
Some of the recipes from 2015 taste really bad in new hardware,but probably were really good for the atomizers that were available before 2015


There is the point, we have new hardware for MTL user for low watts (like my self) and we have new hardware for DL user with high watts. An old recipe have the same ‘‘problem’’ as the new. A recipe that is made for MTL most of the times is not that good for DL and the opposide, a recipe for DL is not that good for MTL. Recipes in 2014-2015 is made for MTL users with low watts and if you try them in RTA you will probably like them. DL need less % of a flavor because you inhale more vapor, but in MTL you inhale less vapor so you need more flavor. This why you see recipes from 2015 with Strawberry Ripe TPA @ 8% for example. Nothing wrong with the recipe, wrong is the DL hardware for this recipe, and this is one of the reasons why we have ‘‘adapt this’’ and ‘‘Adjust total flavor %’’ in the recipe site menu. Personal I like Strawberry Ripe TPA at lower % but I can see why people like it at 8%.


I agree with almost everything you wrote,but again, it is complicated.i usually vape tobacco or bakery-dessert recipes and i am not really a fan of fruits,especially strawberries.i only use them as notes in dessert mixes.
my only objection on what you wrote is here

there are tobacco recipes with less than 5% flavour and they are really strong in mtl and almost not vapable in dl.also,there are dessert-bakery recipes(especially older ones) with 20+% flavor and they are not vapable even in newer mtl devices(opinion based on my personal taste,not in general):smiley:


Yes it is complicated I agree. Here an example of me, at the morning I drink greek coffee (everyday), when I finish it I make frappe or cappuccino and here is what I have notice. Greek coffee (Loumidis at this time) gives me a nice nuty taste but only when I vape a specific type of recipe with RY4 double, Cotton Candy and some times Acetyl Pyrazine. No matter the % of each flavor the nut is there. With frappe nothing special to say, but with cappuccino the same recipe the same day mutes the flavors, mutes the flavor of almost any recipe, propable because of the milk ( more specific the butter milk contain). I don’t drink cappuccino very offen since I discover that. What I’m try to say here is this if it is so complicated for me (and myself :rofl: ) to have diferent % on flavors for a coffee or an other coffee how to expect to find what an other person does or not. Maybe its not that complicated maybe it is just how it is. Many reasons why someone need or like more % of a flavor. That is not 2014-2015 issue, that happen right now with new recipes too.

I don’t really understand why you have objection. You wrote in DL is almost not vapable and if I understand right you mean is not vapable because has to much flavor in contrast of MTL were it is really strong but vapable. So in DL you needs less flavor to make it really strong but not unvapable right?

Yea me nether, I have make 2 recipes with strawberries that was very good for my taste but I understand very soon that fruits is not my thing when it comes to vape. I prefer tobacco and some bakery-dessert recipes just like you.
English is not my first lang. and if you want we can have pm discusion in Greeks for farther analysis.
Sorry for my English people :grin:


you and me both:joy:
to prove my “objection” point i have to make a reference in certain recipes and i really want to avoid will trigger reactions from people who like them and we will end up talking about elr’s rating system again


Then no please no!! :joy:


exactly right, as those old 2015 tank’s and mods are now antiquated! A Kanger Protank at 1.5 ohms and 8 watts is a far cry from a temp control mod using a fancy double coil!


While I agree with old vs new hardware, the recipes are still valuable.

Meaning a recipe idea (mixing of “older” flavors) is not always a bad thing, especially if taken as inspiration. The only difference is the percentage.

Obviously for a new mixer that might be difficult but for people mixing a little bit, should have tested their flavors as singles, therefore a adjusted percentage can easily be obtained.

Do newer flavors be a better option, too cut out older lengthy recipes? Sometimes but not always. However if you’re already a bit more “advanced” where a question like that would pop into your head, then why even look at the old recipes in first place?

Could just do a remake instead of mixing a old recipe at the set percentage and then complain that it tastes weird at 150 watt lol

Same for subs, I see it quite regularly where people ask “can I sub this with this”? It’s diy you can sub whatever you want! But again if this person would have tested their flavors, the sub would be clear.

But if you go that route, don’t comment on the old recipe either, especially if 25% of the main ingredient were altered aka subbed.

It’s pointless in my opinion, because you either mix from scratch, get inspiration or mix exactly as the recipe calls for.

Either way, even with brand new recipes, I wouldn’t go by the set percentage because I don’t know how that person vapes, but I also don’t need to tell someone their recipes are bs or outdated. Subjective as usual.


Well said.


All of the reasons for or against the idea aside (edit: this was a crappy first sentence!). It would be a nice option when searching the database to have a filter-by-year function. If I wanted to look at the top 20 rated recipes of 2017 for any reason, I could set the filter, then click ratings and just see what inspiration or insight might hit me. It could be useful in a historic sense, too, to hit 2012 and see how we have evolved.