Sucralose dangers?

So, my girlfriend and I were doing some grocery shopping last night, and the subject of sucralose came up. She told me of a study she read about, which states that when heated, the sucralose breaks down into dangerous compounds. These compounds can cause IBM issues, and possibly cancer, even. This really caught my attention, because just earlier I was looking at some prices on flavors, one happened to be that very same sweetener. Now, the article she had read referred to baking, but it concerns me, as it is heated even more, and inhaled directly into the lungs. I just have a feeling that if metabolizing it through the stomach is dangerous over time, when heated, it would stand to reason that breathing it in would be even more dangerous, especially if done all day, everyday. I am really just curious if anyone here has any insights further on this. I have googled some articles, myself, but so far not much solid on the vape aspect of it.


“Commonly used in fruits, and sweet confectionery vapes, sucralose is a modified form of sucrose. It’s probably the biggest worry when it comes to sweeteners, because it’s thermal degradation has been studied when it is paired with vegetable glycerin. When heated to 250C,(482F) it formed chloropropanols (3-monochloropropandiol, 1-2 dimonochloropropanol, and 1-3 dimonochloropropandiol), all of which have been found to be mildly to moderately carcinogenic.”



Not entirely sure what temperature my vape heats to… I only have a little EVOD2 tank (1.5Ohm) on a Vision Spinner 650Mah, usually at about 4.0v. I used to have a kbox nano kit, but sadly, I lost it. lol.
In your* opinion, do you think sucralose is something to avoid or be concerned with, then?

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I don’t worry about it and Ill tell you why…

  1. I typically vape 400 - 450F MOST ejuice. (your setup would not come close to that)
  2. I don’t use sweetener in MOST of my mixes. I typically sweeten (if needed) with Marshmallow.
  3. This is the list of ingredients in a cigarette…

HA, that pic! Very true, and good point about the cig ingredients. I smoked a pack a day for the last decade or so, so i suppose regardless of 1 somewhat questionable igredient, it is still a 1000% better than that list haha. Thanks for the replies. And, sweetening with marshmallow… brilliant, I think I may just have to remember that in the future when doing my own :slight_smile:


The safest vape is unflavored.

Pretty much anything you add to get flavor is unknown territory. MIght be fine, might be bad. But we know cigs are like 5000 different kinds of bad, so it depends on whether your goal is harm reduction or harm elimination.


You, my friend, are a genius. Well put.


Un flavored is not thst bad either. I started on that and only started with flavors becauuse the store stopped carrying. Then i got pissed at high prices and shit juice sfo i started diy. Now im a flavor junky and would probably vape ajax if you told me it would make my flavors pop more


There’s definitely going to be a price we pay for vaping at some point. Maybe big, maybe insignificant. If not simply because if it’s not oxygen, it doesn’t belong in our lungs.

  • zigs is right… At least for me it’s about harm reduction.

LOL! I have never tried unflavored before. I had been buying whatever was cheapest for quite a while, but now buying the more “premium” kinds, it just seems silly to pay 15-20$ for a 30ml, when I could buy all the stuff to make 4x that amount for that price. I haven’t started making any of my own yet, still researching the how-to’s of it to get a better understanding before I place an order for some supplies. So far it is looking like about $45 or so to get the absolute basics to start playing around with a few flavors. I am excited to, though, and feel confident I will be able to create some great things, soon! :slight_smile:

Yea, same here. I have to admit at first, I had the mindset that it just wasn’t harmful at all, really, but that was a foolish uneducated assumption. But, after the research I have done from various forums and articles on studies, the risks are still not even close to that of cigarettes. And, vaping makes cigarettes smell and taste completely horrible to me, which is just fantastic, because just a month ago I was smoking a pack a day for the last decade… I am just happy to find something that actually worked in aiding me in the quiting process. proud to say I was able to quit 100% within my first week of vaping [this time].

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Starting out, you can get 10 lbs of glycerin from bulk apothecary for $14. PG is cheap there too and if you go direct to the flavor apprentice website you can get samples for about a dollar a piece, each of which could easily flavor 30ml…very easily.

So my point is, it’s not 4x cheaper. . .its more like 40x cheaper to DIY. Where that bites you is when you start collecting tons of flavors, get frustrated and buy 4oz bottles cause that’s all they ever have of that damned flavor, etc. . .

If you even think about hitting a stinkie, post that in a thread title. We can get you off them for good, you just need the right juice and the right gear. . both of which become your new addictions. So beware of that.


The best alternative to sweeten your ejuice is stevia liquid. You can find some
They are a Canadian company. Hope that helps!


I do avoid sucralose , you will find several here that use Pyure.How does your product compare to that and could you post a list of ingredients? Thank you

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I just checked the Pyure site and that seems like a great alternative in comparison to sucralose.
From, the advantage is that the sweetener is already made with a PG base. Ingredients are stevia extract powder and propylene glycol

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Thanks for the laugh man. nice.

I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned. But here’s a really good journal article about the thermal decomposition products of sucralose.
Thermal decomposition of sucralose
The basic conclusion is that heating sucralose past ~125°C causes thermal decomposition, and produces aromatic chlorinated by-products.
Edit: Just to clear that up a bit, Sucralose contains chlorine, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The suspected compounds are mention in the discussion in the link above, there are several possibilities so I won’t ramble on and list them all.


Very interesting, even at 257 Degrees F, it will produce harmful chemicals, and in the article, even at lower temps like for water or tea, its starts the process, so the jury is still out, but I agree with Alisa DaMomma, if you are a DIYer, maybe sweetening with Marshmellow is a better alternative. It’s hard to believe the vape and eliquid manufacturers wouldn’t consider this being vaping has such a black eye now, and the FDA wants to shut down everything, even flavors.

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Thanks Alisa, very good info, Marshmallow is the way to go, thanks

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Not scientific, but my understanding is that maltol and ethyl maltol are volatile compounds, they vapourise before they transform. Sugars (-ose) on the other hand tend not to be that volatile and instead end up crystallising on the coil and burning up, transforming into all kind of nasty byproducts.
In term of exposure, I suspect it is not that big a gldeal because of quantities involved. That being said, coil funking and potential health implications means I am staying away from them.


just a couple of quibbles.

Great idea. But don’t some manufacturers put sweeteners such as sucralose in their marshmallow flavour? Could you recommend some that don’t?

My Pyure is diluted in water, not PG, i’m happy to say (being PG-sensitive) . i didn’t realise that some Pyure formulations contain PG . Eek! is this a recent change of formula , do you (or anybody?) know? or just a variation?

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