Suddenly getting light headed after switching to nic salts

So, I’ve vaped for about a year now and have never felt this feeling from my juice. My wife doesn’t get this sensation, so I’m not thinking my nic concentrate is too high, (I haven’t tested it) but I’m wondering if this is a normal thing.

Used to be I could chain vape and not really feel anything, but now I can take 3 or 4 puffs and my head is swimming. I did switch from normal nic to nic salts, and I’ve read that the nic salts hit you a lot faster than freebase, so I’m guessing this is the effect I’m noticing.

Just wondered if any of you guys who have switched to nic salts have had a similar effect.


Yep, beware on rda.

What strength are you using the Nic Salts at?

You could experiment by lowering the strength significantly and seeing if you get the same effect?

From what I’ve read Nic salts are meant to be a smoother vape allowing you to vape higher Nic doses.


Talked to some friends who run a B&M and they are getting lots of complaints about the higher nic levels not setting well with a lot of folks.

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Just to chime in here - just because you can use nic salts and not get a TH at higher levels doesn’t mean you should. I use nic salts @ 3mg and have for a long time the absorption of nic salts is quicker and this is what you may be experiencing.

A couple of things to note, there has in the past been some issues with some producers getting the nic content incorrect. I would strongly suggest you titrate your nic and make sure it is as as it says on the label. If all tests are correct dial it back to a comfortable level.

I know you have been around for a long time but we all do make an error now and again so when i say this don’t take it the wrong way but check it is fully mixed and the correct amount was added.


I should have mentioned I am using them at 3mg. I got them to try out and see if it affected the throat bit at a low level and my vape is definitely smoother.

It’s also a bit late for titration as I’ve mixed it all. I’ll just settle for vaping less for now and next order I’ll mix at half content.


You could titrate the actual juice make sure it is 3mg