Sugar Orchid (Flavorah)

Does anyone have any experience with the Sugar Orchid (Flavorah) flavour?? I single flavour test it but how long to steep? And im trying the AAA magic mask (FA) and the Smooth (TFA/TPA) to see what they do to make this flavour less mediciny and harsh.


What pct did you use at ??? I have never used the Suagr Orchid over 0.2% it is a strong flavor and its not one you would use as a Base or Top Note …i dont get any harsh notes or medicinal notes , this would indicate yiur using too high and Smooth isnt gonna help


I single flavour tested it i made a 5ml bottle with one drop in it. Where did I go wrong? And can you give me an example of where or how or what i would mix this flavour with? I like it and want to use it…I just don’t know Where to start. I even emailed flavourah. But its weekend idk when they’ll get back to me.

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Try 1 drop in 20 mls, or 30 mls.


Sugar Orchid is a tough flavor to mix with. The ine good thing it is goid for is to sweeten frostings or use it a little higher for a gum paste ( sweet edible suagr dough ) … It is also a light sweet floral …

Sugar Orchid at .12 to .2 pct
Vanilla bean @ .5
frosting @.6 to .8

Add your favotite cake base … Its more of an effect flavor than a main flavor . What I mean by effect is when adding to things the taste give a certain perception like say Vanilla Marshmallow gives a fuller mouth feel

Add Sugar Orchid to some of your bakery that you already know well and see how it changes it . Also add it to a fruit and cream to see how it changes it add the Suagr Orchid at .2 pct or so .

I have never tried this flavor as a Main Note bc I think you would have to push it too high and then it will have off notes .

Mix Vanilla, Almond , Milk and add Sugar Orchid .

Have you ever ate one of those Cake Topping ?? You know the really sweet things they put in top ? Sugar Orchid is kinda like that …Ive heard someone say something about Meringue but I dont get that at any pct …This certain person will also tell you Pucker Tobacco isnt a Tobacco which is far fetched…

Sorry about the Rambling but this flavor isnt a great flavor for a beginner and its really hard to put in words unless I wrote some Notes on it that made it seem like I was writing a description for the manufacturer lol …

Best thing to do with flavors like this is get 10ml of base and add a drop to it then keep adding drops until you start getting off notes , vape ot with one drop then 2 drops then 3 drops etc …


Thank you I will do this.


sugar orchid works well down low as a frosting on cereals.


Super helpful. Going to play with this one.


What about buttercream frosting Or cream cheese icing i have a ton of vanillas ill open my flavour stash up and I apologize in advance of any flavours are wrong I have been trying hard to work that out. Anyway then sugar orchid for frosting the only pre made I have 2 I think…idk I bought alot way too early for just starting anyway.

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And for almond …I just don’t like the nutty taste in my vape juice mabye shitty commercial juices got me afraid. Idk but in general I don’t mind nuts it’s just i’m scared after vaping shitty shits.

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