I’m in the beginning stage of putting together a new recipe using pineapple, coconut and orange. Currently, I’ve got 4 flavors in stock and also researching 3 or 4 more. I’m wanting this to be a “light, cooling” menthol as well.

Here’s what I’ve got, so far.
Dairy Milk (TPA)
Pina Colada (INW)
Pineapple (INW)
Sweet Coconut (FLV)

Others I’m considering…
Coconut Rum (WF)
Juicy Orange (CAP)
Menthol (FLV)
Orange Cream (TPA)

I’ve got some vague ideas for a recipe, but am at somewhat of a loss currently. Definitely open to possible replacements and/or leaving something out in favor of making this a better mix!

TIA for the help.
Much appreciated…


Sweet coconut flv and pineapple inw feel like a good combination. I would add a bit of lime. But then it would be very close to a pinacolada I would think. Maybe 1.5-2% Coco an 2 % pineapple. I would add .2 of lime cold pressed or .5 of lemon Sicily from fa


Use your “Search by Flavor Stash”

Go to your profile, update your flavor stash, (accurate spelling will ensure accurate searches), and then

User> Search by Flavor Stash

I think you might find something along the lines of Pineapple, Orange Cream and Menthol, maybe juicy orange…

That’s just for trial and error stuff, maybe others have attempted it before…

Other than that, I would use Golden Pineapple (CAP), been using it for years. I never considered the pina coolada thing but for cooling, instead of menthol, try ws-23 or just regular ol’ koolada. (x2 as strong as menthol) For coconut, are you going for a alcohol pineapple? or just pineapple fruit?

Velcome tu ze thunderdome of new recipes


I don’t even consider milk or any type of cream, orange or otherwise, if I’m going for ‘light’.
To me those flavors add weight. But that’s me.


I think this would be a suitable candidate for the fix my mix topic.

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True… and I should’ve left that part out.


Whenever I’m looking for ideas for certain flavor combos I do a simple google search and view images or recipes that contain the flavors I want to use. Then I click the images or recipes and read about that combo. Most of the time I find something that inspire me to create a pretty decent recipe.

Coconut Pineapple Orange. <<< CLICK HERE


I did, but apparently I got different results. Got some really good ideas however.


I’ll second that