Suggesting a couple of features :)

I use this site so much that i would like to see some add ons that could benefit me and others too :wink:

The graph that is generated once u key in your ingredients:
Currently its color coded by PG, VG, Nic and also Flavor, would it be ok if we get another graph that shows the percentage of just the PG and VG and when moused over seeing how much the percentage is? As in : PG (50%) VG (50%)

The listing of your recipes in My Page:
Currently listed as Recipe name | Created | Rating. Could there be another few columns where it says:
ML - The recipe makes how many ml’s
Version - Like me i like doing a few versions before i get it right. I would very much like to see which is which without putting this in my title :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well thats all i can think of now XD It would be great to see these on the site whoopieeee!

The PG/VG graph could be done, but it says clearly right under the graphs what the ratio is :smile:

Amount to make can easily be put on there…

Versioning is already on my todo.list :smile:

Thanks for your suggestions! :slight_smile: Just add here, if you think of anything else :smile:

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haha VapeGit :smiley:

I was thinking that measure by weight could have an extra column adding each one up as you go along…
(Maybe I am doing it wrong but I use one container and add them up with a calc to see where I need to get to.)

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The “normal” way would be to measure off an ingredient, say 0.8 grams, then press TARE to zero the scale, and measure off the next :smile:

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lol… doh!!! didn’t even think of that… :slight_smile: forget my idea…

Lol! Truth to be told I dint notice that until you mention it. The graph was so eye catching that I missed the details below it lol!!!


How about a coupon or discount section?

How about this… The ‘info’ radial off to the side of the recipes is a cool feature… Don’t think it would be too hard to add the percentages next to the flavors when clicking on them…


There sort of is a discount section on the resources page. I think I’ll rework that bit though! :smile:

Yeah why not. I think I’ll put that on my list of quick fixes too! Thanks.


Thanx Daath

Done! :smile:


Oh no, it says [Object object] when you click on the radial now…

Ah that happens - You need to clear your cache. CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+R on most browsers…

Cleared cache, restarted Firefox, no luck here :frowning:

Very weird. Working here, in all my browsers…


Its working on my side now :smile: Not sure what changed on my end, but it’s working…
Thanks Daath!!!

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There is a discount under resources I believe. Also check that area out for mixes and tips.

How about the same thing for flavour warnings?

Thanks. I added it to my list!