Suggestions for a box mod

I was looking at getting a sigelei 100 watt plus but then realized 10 watts is the lowest it will go. I still use a pt3 mini and a kayfun clone and I think 10 watts would burn my coils. So now Im looking at the sigelei 50 watt, any suggestions?

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I’m vaping my KFL at 25W (: When I was using EVODs I was running them at 11W.

I’ve been following vaping charts. I guess I need to play with my settings a little more.

I’ve not vaped below 10W for a very very long time… Lowest is my Nautilus that I run at 12W.


I’m with daath on this one, since I got my sigelei, I’ve never gone down to 10!


Don’t follow vape charts, learn how to use Steam Engine calculator. Here’s my build for KFL, as you can see, it produces 316 mW/mm² at 25W and that’s fine for KFL+.

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Thanks for the replies. I use steam calculator but never paid attention to all of the details.

I have the Sigelei 100w and like it but been looking at the iStick 50. I bought one for my daughter and tried it. It comes with a 510 adapter so you can run any kind of tank or RDA. The battery. Is built in and has pass through charging via a micro usb cable. Shay loves it. I’m going to get another one for myself.

What about this one? It comes out 1. May

Looks a lot like my Sigelei. I like it but looking at the dimensions its a little bigger than mine. I would probably buy from a local shop in case you have a problem with it tho. Most places will give at least 30 day warranty

I picked up an eleaf iStick 50 yesterday. I have an Atlantis on it running st 35w. I vaped on it from 10 Tues morning till 730 Weds morning and still had 70% charge on the battery. Im impressed! Gonna work out pretty good for the 7/12’s I will be working for the next month.

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