Suggestions for Maple Syrup

Good friend of mine has asked me to come up with a pancakes with maple syrup juice. I’ve got the pancakes part down but I’ve never used any maple syrup concentrates. Right now I’m eyeing FA Maple Syrup. Just wondering if anybody else has any suggestions.


FA’s is nice, a tad dry and has some decent texture. It’s not exactly a pure maple flavor, more like store bought pancake mix but it’s probably the better choice for common flavourings. Juice factory in Australia has a really nice one, think I prefer it to FA’s.

FA’s is better than TFA imo.


I was reading through the notes and saw that it was dry. Kinda strange that syrup flavor would be dry.


I am trying out a pancakes and maple syrup recipe, I used TFA Maple, but I wont know how that turns out till it has steeped. Also with TFA Maple you have to set aside some for the recipe and let it sit open for about 2 days to evaporate the alcohol before adding it to the mix.


Maple (Pancake Syrup) (Capella) is wicked powerful and just a hint is needed.
I mean really start at 1 drop per 10ml
I fouled several breakfast recipes before I learned just how little to start with.

Maple (LA) seemed very chemical even after a 30 day steep in my single flavor tester.
Didn’t get better mixed in a actual recipe either.


I have been using TPA Maple Syrup and found it to be pretty mild but good.


and maybe some Caramel (Original) TPA to sweeten it up at 1% Tastes good but has some baddies like corn syrup and acetoin and Ethyl Maltol …yum. Caramel (FA) might be “safer” but the TPA will make your Maple into Maple Syrup


Caramel original has corn syrup too? I thought only the DX caramel had corn syrup in it. Damn you! Just ruined my fave caramel I’d thats true


Sorry for your loss Russ


Damn. Well, I’ll use it anyway


For me the best Maple is the TPA Maple (make sure it is the Maple version) and not the Syrup or Deluxe.

A great finished flavour on a pancake and syrup mix and an authentic taste, that doesn’t overpower the finished mix like others or taste way to sickly sweet.

It is in an Ethyl Alcohol base, so I leave the top and dropper of the finished mix for 24 hours after mixing to let the alcohol evaporate, then steep as normal…


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I second this all day long. Maple TFA is the most realistic w/o chemical off notes and too much BA or AC that tends to accompany this type of flavor.

Maple FA has yet to win me over I use it in such small extremes it is dry not syrupy sweet.


I used the FA @3% in a Waffle with Vanilla Ice cream and Maple Syrup, using the TFA VBIC, Vanillin10 and FA Meringue, so the dryness was balanced, didn’t add any sugars… (more then enough… from my point of view…)
Everybody that tried mixing it, said it was quite real, guess that with the FA it’s just a matter of what you mix it with… After a week steeping it really comes out well, but definitely not in SF, it doesn’t work!

I agree with @Charles_Vaper from my point of view it’s better then TFA…

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I’d be intersted to hear if anybody has a opinion on this one:

There’s nothing in the notes as yet, not even so much as a rating!

My secret for a good maple is combining either CAP maple or FA maple with FLV maple bar.