Flavours Containing Sugar

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Most who know me know I am not a sky is falling kinda guy and this is not one of those posts that tell you not to do this or that because you will explode or you head will catch fire, it is however a caution for those that don’t look at the flavour database and pay attention to the warnings or are unaware they are even there.

I just want to say this is not for those that want to speak about diketones and the resulting hail of popcorn that will ensue. This is just about Sugar in concentrates.

I am of the firm belief that it is a personal choice and I am not going to tell you you will get cancer or any other form of death as a result of vaping flavours that contain sugar because I am no Dr nor is @Jennifer_Jarvis whose article I will link in a few lines. That said I would just like to say if you have any of the flavours I am going to list I would urge you to research more thoroughly in regards to vaping sugars.

Jennifer’s article

A list of Flavor West flavours that according to their own SDS sheets contain sugar syrup (CAS No. 57-48-7)
Sugar syrup is actually fructose.

On to the list

Corn Syrup: (Some vendors list these as containing corn syrup however there is no evidence that today’s versions do) This only relates to the following 3 flavours listed here from TFA

** TFA Caramel Original*
** TFA DX Caramel Original*
** TFA Graham Cracker (not clear)*

Sugar Syrup (CAS 57-48-7):

  • FW Acai Berry (20-30%)
  • FW Banana Nut Bread (1-10%)
  • FW Banana Split (1-10%)
  • FW Bananas Foster (15-25%)
  • FW Biscotti (20-30%)
  • FW Blackberry Mojito (15-25%)
  • FW Boom (10-20%)
  • FW Cinnamon Churro (20-30%)
  • FW Cloud 9 (10-20%)
  • FW Coffee (25-35%)
  • FW Coffee Cream (25-35%)
  • FW Dragon Fruit (25-35%)
  • FW Fruity Flakes (10-20%)
  • FW Goji Berry (20-30%)
  • FW Green Apple Natural (15-25%)
  • FW Gummy Bear (20-30%)
  • FW Hawaiian Limeade (5-10%)
  • FW Jack Fruit (20-30%)
  • FW Key Lime Natural (10-20%)
  • FW Kiwi Natural (20-30%)
  • FW Lemon Meringue Pie (10-20%)
  • FW Macadamia Nut (5-15%)
  • FW Madagascar Vanilla (10-20%)
  • FW Merlot (15-25%)
  • FW Mojito (15-25%)
  • FW Moose Milk (10-20%)
  • FW Pomberry (10-20%)
  • FW Pomegranate (10-20%)
  • FW Prickly Pear (10-20%)
  • FW Rainbow Lined Gum (15-25%)
  • FW Rainbow Sherbet (10-20%)
  • FW Raspberry Natural (1-10%)
  • FW Red White Blue (20-30%)
  • FW Rocky Road (25-35%)
  • FW Star Fruit (20-30%)
  • FW Sweet Tarts (20-30%)
  • FW Tiki Roar (10-20%)
  • FW Tres Leches (10-20%)
  • FW Tropical Punch (20-30%)
  • FW Watermelon Natural (10-20%)
  • FW Yumberry (10-20%)

Fructose (Fruit Sugar, CAS 57-48-7):

  • FW Cake Batter Dip (10-15%)
  • FW Coconut Cream Pie (15-25%)
  • FW Ginger Ale (20-30%)
  • FW Strawberry Shortcake (10-20%)
  • FW Yellow Cake (20-30%)

Molasses (CAS 8052-35-5)

  1. FW Dutch Apple Pie (1-5%)

Sucralose (Splenda, CAS 56038-13-2)

  • FW Grape Soda (30-40%)

Salt (CAS 7647-14-5)

  • FW Cookie Butter

Peanut Essence:
May not mean allergen-causing

  • FW Monkey Fart (<1%)
  • FW Peanut Butter Cup (<1%)
  • FW Peanut Butter (<1%)
  • FW Snicker Type (1-10%)

Thanks to @Ken_O_Where for the more comprehensive list

Now I am unsure if this is all of them - searched thru 338 sds sheets (which are available from Flavor West I also have a copy if you wish to have them)

If you have any flavour from any company that shows in the sds it contains sugar then please feel free to add it to the thread.

Most of this, if not all of this information is in the database already if you care to look and there are other threads in the forum about it however most of them refer to external links which are now dead.

Here is one for further reading

If you are wondering about the spelling of flavor and flavour that appear here - Flavor West uses Flavor in the names so I have reproduced that. Australia, like the uk use flavour.


Thanks for the heads up. Mate you must love reading msds sheets :sweat_smile:


Nope not at all :nauseated_face: - sds sheets are a little different from msds sheets - sds contain ingredients while msds are mainly spill control and hazard statements.


Well there you go. Have you looked into vapetrain by any chance a quick google shows nothing but i may not be looking hard enough

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No word from they yet - will let you know

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Thanks for the heads up, just looked at my flavor stash, I only have 2 , rum and magma current


Thank you @woftam for the time you took to share this info. And for that list of FW flavors. I do have the Yellow Cake but quit using it months ago due to this very issue. Glad to see their Blueberry wasn’t on the list. I’d have to reassess the level of risk I’m willing to take :slight_smile:

For the life of me I can’t imagine why this would be added to flavors. Surely by now these flavor companies know we have access to our own sweeteners.


I could be wrong, but I would imagine these flavorings were made before vaping was really a thing. Some of these could be new-ish though…idk. I’m right there with you though. I quit using Yellow Cake a while ago because of the sugar. I normally use FLV Cupcake Batter in its place and I think it actually works out better.


I recently started combining FLV Cupcake Batter with Purilum Yellow Cake. I haven’t nailed down my preferred ratio yet, but it’s delightful. I didn’t think I’d ever be happy with another cake flavor other than FW’s one.


oooooo good idea… I’ll get some Purilium Yellow Cake and give it a shot. Purilium gets an A+ in my experience so far, so I’m curious what I’ll think about their Yellow Cake.


I wonder if we need to start a new thread. Alternates to “Bad” Flavors. Hell there’s probably one on here already :slight_smile: But @woftam post here makes me think it would be a good topic of conversation. I’m like him…not so concerned with the whole diketone thing. At this point that subject has been covered to death. Rather I think the combination of his bringing awareness to the fructose flavors and providing alternates for those would be a great idea. Just don’t volunteer me for it. I’ve had very few FW flavors so I’m not the guy for making substitution suggestions.


I’m not worried about diketones either… Potential caramelization happening in my lungs is a different story though. I think we can all agree that can’t be good. But yeah, flavor alternatives would be a good idea as its own thread.

I’m not convinced sugar being in flavorings would even make them better in the context of vaping anyway. The sense that’s triggered from vaping mainly comes from smell, but sugar is something that needs to be tasted to be appreciated fullly, right? I could be way off base, or completely wrong, but I would bet that if we were to try one of those FW flavorings with no sugar we might not even notice a difference in flavor.


Completely agree.

/general commentary

Personally, sugars don’t really bother me much. But then, I’m not a high wattage/high temp vaper (generally a max of 44w/420-40F), and in addition I change my cotton/dry burn once then change coils, frequently. I do so primarily because of what I’ve read about things potentially occurring certain Temps, and when/how coil buildup (gunk) can contribute to that.

This is my general thought process and approach to mitigate certain aspects, so I can enjoy 99.9% of flavors without any fear looming in the recesses of my mind.

I can completely understand and appreciate others having different sets of issues to bear in mind, given their possibly substantially different parameters in vaping style.

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It is fructose with CAS 57-48-7 here
Don’t know why they call it sugar syrup :confused:

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Because most things that end with “-ose” are syrups: maltose, dextrose, sucralose, fructose…


:slightly_smiling_face: But not sugar, right?!

All of the ones I listed are sugars.

Either “base” sugars, or “modified” sugars.


I think that I get your point, but it is all except sucralose which is listed as Artificial Sweetener.
I didn’t now that sugar is the general world for all of this sweeteners. I thought sugar referend to the ‘‘table sugar’’ (sucrose) only. At least when the discussion comes to vape and problems of vaping sugar. So next question is, Fructose which is a sugar, is it also bad to vape as is the Sucrose?

Probable is better if a moderator can split the conversation for sugars to a new topic? @woftam @Alisa @Ken_O_Where

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You’re chasing a ghost when you look to popular opinion IMO. Given that the science behind vaping is at best in it’s infancy, you honestly need to consider how you feel about it, given the research that you do. Because only you can choose whether or not you feel it’s relevant, and whether or not you have confidence in, those performing the tests. JMHO, and YMMV.


I just read Jennifer’s article and I find it very good. Thanks for sharing!