Suggestions for melons, creams, menthols & sweetner

My fiance and I are kind of picky when it comes to our flavors. Before we decided to start making our own, we noticed that the market seemed to be becoming saturated more and more with “cream”, “vanilla” “milk” “yogurt” “marshmallow” etc… And it seemed like all of the creams ended up tasting the same. (For example we ordered a 5 pack of juices from a website, they were different brands and flavors like marshmallow cereal, blueberries and cream, apple pie… But besides the fruit flavors, they all seemed to be overwhelmed by a bland sweet “cream” taste.)

We would like to try something different besides just straight fruit flavors and I feel like I might be able to make some flavors I like with creams or vanillas while adjusting it to our liking, but there are so many different types! I guess I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue when buying premixed liquid and also what the differences are between some of the different cream flavors? What gives a nice flavor without being too bland or sweet?

Also, my favorite flavors are usually watermelon or melon of some sort, but I have noticed when buying premixed liquids that some of the watermelon flavors out there are very perfumy or don’t really taste like watermelon. Even though it’s my favorite flavor, I’m very picky becahse I’ve came across the weird perfumy or stale tasting watermelon flavors more than enough for it to be bothersome to me. I really want something that’s going to have a crisp sweet flavor, like watermelon candy.

Also, while I’m at it, what are your general suggestions for your favorite single flavors and sweetners? We usually end up liking ones with sucralose, like the pin-ups (but they even get a little too sweet after a while). I just got super sweet to start out but it seems to kind of have a weird taste.

I also ended up getting cool mint because I like the cool fruit flavors, but it ended up tasting too much like a candy cane… So what are your recommendations for menthols and what % would you suggest using in a mixture with fruit without the menthol/mint being too overpowering?

Sorry for so many questions! I’ve been trying to look at rhe notes and rating for different flavors but there are too many to easily compare, I figured it’d just be easier to ask. :):smile:


There is a few threads about watermelon and there was no real winner. this thread may help

As far as menthol i would suggest you try ws-23 or koolada which will give you menthol effect but no menthol taste which tends to work quite well with fruits - unless you actually want a menthol taste then a combo or menthol and ws-23 or menthol and koolada may get you where you want.



Thank you. I tried the koolada and would also like to use it in conjunction with it. Thanks for your help.

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I cant taste wm to well but i dont thin it belongs w/ creams period, Koolada, ws23 or higher(lowere number) other fruits will help u out but it doesnt belong where other fruits will mix into

How about a medium different from cream that’ll give you body without the cream you’ve tired of? How about yogurt?

Does it have a noticeably different flavor profile?

It tastes like yogurt, not trying to be cute. Creamy and tart.

It’s not watermelon, but I really like this recipe for a melon type vape!

I have a watermelon flavor with TPA watermelon and TPA ripe strawberry that’s all right, but it’s far from a candy watermelon.

Also I like Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for a fruit+cream flavor. It’s a rich one that seems different than other creams/custards.

ALSO, I’m a total noob, so keep that in mind!!

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If you make a high VG liquid, you don’t need sweetener as it’s plenty sweet on its own. That’s the neat thing about DIY. One can make whatever you want whenever but don’t have to make it like the big commercial guys. Don’t have to use PG at all. Or can as it’s up to the mixer. I can’t stand PG. it leaves a cough syrup after taste that makes me wanna hurl. However, even with that said, if I were to choose a sweetener, I would use pyure liquid or Monk Fruit Extract. Just a teeny bit of either will do the job.

Greetings kerichan! :slight_smile: Salutations from across the Realms! :bird: :peace_symbol: :heart: & (caw). I respond specifically regarding sweeteners. :wink: I try not to use sweeteners at all. Meringue, added, in small amounts can substitute for sweetener. Many flavors are already sweet and in high VG mixes can be sweet enough. I do have a favorite sweetener. For any non tobacco mix I prefer Organic Stevia Glycerite. It is extremely strong. I have never used it at more than 1/2 of 1% when mixing. It comes in VG and is all natural. I found it on a Health Food site! :slight_smile: Best regards. :bird: :peace_symbol: :heart: & (caw)

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