Suggestions for "Mid" range Tank

As silly of a question this may be I’m looking for suggestions on a good “mid” range tank. I kind of have both ends of the spectrum with my two Nautilus 5ml tanks @ around 13w and then my Crown beast at upwards of 120w.
So I’m looking for a good reliable tank that would fall somewhere between the 2 if that makes sense? Somewhere between the 15-30w range?
My nautilus is good for work with the monster 5ml tank which can last me days but the clouds/flavor just doesn’t do it for me on some days.
Then my crown, which I love,but the thing drinks juice like a sports car and it’s not ideal for me to bring a bottle of juice with me, especially at work, and constantly having to refill it.

I have had my eye on the Aspire Atlantis V2 for sometime but the Naut hasn’t really made me a fan of Aspire and I have always wanted a Kanger, mainly the Kanger Subtank, only because my friends have always had one and rave about them

Someone suggested the Volt but for $60 I think not

I realize it has to do with the coils more than the tank itself and although I could throw a .5 coil or even a single in my crown I would rather just keep it as my TC/.25 tank and not have to constantly switch out coils, then as we know I’m limited to the BVC coils on my Naut.

I also don’t rebuild my own coils at this time and quite frankly I want another tank either way~

Any suggestions or thoughts would be great!

I have several Atlantis V2 tanks and love them. I also have Subtank and mini Subtanks but prefer the Aspire, mainly for the wider mouth and airflow control at base and drip tip. My Kangers also occasionally leak. Anyvape makes a Rba head that is compatable with the Atlantis so I can build my own coils for them.

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I have had some spit back issues with both of my Nautilus that has made me change my mind about getting anymore Aspire tanks. It doesn’t happen a lot but it does happen. I have always wanted to switch to the Atlantis and I have heard good things about them so that’s why I am on the fence. All in all it’s still on the top of my list of possibilities.
Hearing the kangers have had leaking issues really counts them out for me and they might be great tanks besides this but I’m about done dealing with SB, leaks and floodings to bother…
Thanks @HighPlainsVaper that does help

I use the Kanger Subtank Nano on one of my rigs. I have no leaking issues. Not using a RBA for it, just stock coils. The coils are changing now to the Vertical VOCC coils so any issues that WAS, may not be a issue NOW. Also, should you want a RBA you can buy them separate now, or get them with the Subtank Mini or Plus as part of the kit. Nano does not come with RBA.

When comparing the Atlantis and the Kanger Subtank, this is generally what most say…If you want VAPOR, go with the Atlantis. If you want FLAVOR, go with the Subtank…

Honestly, you need to choose tanks that you CAN build the coils yourself. If the FDA gets away with their crap they are pushing, you will not be able to buy coils. Please keep this in mind, and choose wisely…


I picked up a Herakles tank, it is pretty nice, but only used it for a short while because the Crown came in and I haven’t put the Crown down since.
Might be something you may like.

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I agree, it is a nice tank. Crown is better, but nice…

I agree, I really need to get off my ass and start learning to, I’ve just been so content on my stock coils. I still can’t believe they can ban/regulate such things, it just seems WAY out of their “jurisdiction” and they have never done that with any other product (as far as I know)
We should regulate glasses for alcohol, hardware stores because they have pipe materials, blah blah blah…
I do plan on it though and buying a tank with an RBA is a must have for sure

I know the feeling :wink:

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nods… only two things I dislike about it… drinks a LOT of juice (most likely because I’m vaping at a higher wattage that I did prior to using this type of tank) and second I just can’t get that damn rba to stop leaking unless I stuff it with cotton then I get dry hits. I love the .5 coil I have for it, wish I could figure how to rebuild it but I haven’t attempted to break one of them down. I just got some 28 (or 26) gauge SS in and haven’t tried to wrap up a coil with it yet and try the rba again. I’m thinking 5 wraps of SS at 3.0 mm but don’t have something I know is 3mm lol… just a 2mm that I had used for smaller coils on the subtank.

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Currently that’s my only complaint, if you would call it that, is how quick a tank goes. Generally I stay around 60w on the .25 coils and it lasts me half a day of casual use, where as my naut can last days! This is partially why I want a 3rd tank, not to replace the crown of course :wink:
I haven’t really done any research on it, mainly because I’m currently not using an rba, but when I do I plan on using my crown for my first rba, so is this a known issue for the crown? Because if there is a trick to solving it I may find myself stumbling since it would be my first time and I didn’t have a previous reference

I’ve got the Subtank Plus and my wife and daughter each have the mini. Never had problems with any of them leaking. I love mine but if I had the choice again I would go with the mini, the Plus, which hold 7mls, is just to big.


My better half uses the kanger mini. I think it’s the mini. I say that because it’s anything but mini. It has a 4.5ml tank. I buy her the 0.5 coil that she Vapes between 25w and 30w. I love it. She says that there is more flavor in her tank than there is in my Atlantis V2. There is no spit back with her tank and plenty with mine. I don’t consider my AV2 midrange. The Kanger tech Mini defineately is a 25w to 30w tank. MVS has it for $29.99. I’m sure that if it’s cheaper somewhere else you will find it. Comes with extras, it is made top shelf and yes yes yes ringling, it comes with a RBA base.


P.S…i believe that you can buy dual coils for it. I’m not 100% sure though. Happy shopping.

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Lol…that’s 2 votes for the mini. I started writing before Shaner posted. I 2nd Shaner lol.


I think it’s my problem, I wouldn’t say there is a trick to it, but I just can’t get it right for some reason.
The Subtank is nice, I bought one then gave it to my step daughter, later while on business in Boston I went and decided to try it again and bought the mini. I’ve been re-wicking the coils for my step daughters tank and she loves it. I wish I kept it instead of giving it away. the mini gets some leaking issues around the lower seal occasionally, I’m probably too rough on tanks is the problem.

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sorry guys I redact that comment, I did hear it a few times but to say it counts me out was a bit far
That is my quote not @Shaner’s btw

My girls tank has never once leaked. Everything about her tank top notch. Of course IMO.

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Shaner o you use OCC or RBA. If you build the what do you think thee lowest ohm coil would be. Reason being if I could build a 0.3 I’d buy that tank myself.

I was just thinking. You said that you had the Crown Sub Tank. They make a 1.2 coil and a 0.5 coil. That’s midrange enough for me.

Yeah and I have the .5 coil but not the single. I just prefer to leave my crown on the TC/.25 coil and not have to switch out my coils all the time. I prefer to have the ease of just grabbing a tank from my little case like I do now. I’ll pull out my crown when I want a lite vape or the crown when I want the heavy nice tastin clouds and then have that mid for everything in between :wink:

There’s a wee bit of laziness in there somewhere…

I use the RBA. RIght now I have a 0.21 Ti coil in it on my eVic VT. Works great :smile:

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