Suggestions on bulk bottle and VG needed

I recently got back into DIY, vaping heavily, my roommate now vapes and some of our atty’s just guzzle juice. I tend to vape at max VG since I found out a few years ago that juice with lots of PG gives me eczema on my fingers from handling it and dripping. It took a while to figure that one out but that is behind me now.

So now this leads me to this post…
I need to source some bulk VG and bottles since I am not finding the most economical to get these through my DIY vendors. I want to make a lot of juice, I have lots of flavors and ideas, friends are requesting stuff now that they know I am making it again and I also tend to vape a lot off different flavors through out the day.

1: VG
I have found it by the gallon on Amazon, looks good, USP + Kosher + and made from palm. Just never bought VG from anywhere other than my DIY resources.

2: I need glass testers. Something that holds over 10ml, maybe 15ml. I’m done with little plastic bottles that I can’t reuse for this purpose

3: Plastic’s, Looking for an good steady source for 30, 60 and 120ml bottles and I like unicorn bottles the best.

I need to start making up a bunch of my regular vapes so that can steep and just open up the cupboard and grab a bottle every couple of days and not worry about having to make juice once a week unless its a new recipe I am messing with. A vape pantry if you will.

Any suggestions, I am open to them

For your vg needs try essential depot website or on Amazon as well.
Plastics look at 510 central also on Amazon.
I don’t use glass sorry can not help you on that.

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don’t let the name fool you, they have a great selection of plastic bottles also

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what are you finding a gallon cost ? and what price point are you looking for ? VG imo is cheap a gallon from NR is like 14 dollars the shipoing is what kills that price , where are you located ?? if your located by a vendor like NR who allows will call then you could just pick it up and save the shipping costs i know ine company i think essential depot has a 4 pack deal sometimes that is fairly cheap

Nice find! New shortcut in the vaping folder. Sweet!

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Speaking of NR, I need to find somewhere I can order 500ml of nic and 2.5gal of VG and not pay $30 for freaking shipping. That’s just rediculous.


Thanks for the replies. VG is in the cart at Amazon which $25 with Prime delivery is perfect.

I found these for testers which I think is perfect due to the stand. Price is a little steep but since they are perfectly organized and reusable the value is right to me.

I’m getting to the point where I need to work on keeping the growing number of bottles better organized.

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I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $10 shipping with RTS but I don’t see anyone talking about them so maybe it is taboo or I don’t know something I should.

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I just made a second order on these bottles (I have Prime so shipping is free) they also have 15ml bottle for a slightly cheaper price but I normally don’t use glass 15ml (I do have some but mostly only use 30ml).
The price comes out to be about .75 per bottle with no shipping costs.

The amber bottles for this vendor is 13.99 which would drop the price per bottle down to around .58 a bottle (but I just like the blue ones myself).

ya i know went to order VG at 14 and it was 15 for shipping JUST VG im in washington state

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wouldnt BCF be cheaper since they are over on the east coast

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i love those vials ive always wanted to convert to them

I think you and I are the only ones that have mentioned RTS. They are 2.5 hours from me and I’ve always got good service from them.

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They would be cheaper for VG but I don’t think they sell nic do they? Wish they had pick up because they are 40 minutes from me.

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im not sure and if they did i dont think its nic select which is all ill use anymore , thats the issue i like to grab some nic and vg /pg all together , i live 40 minutes from ECX bellingham location but i liked NR VG better i did side by side tests and it seemed a year ago almost that the recipes with NR VG were better

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The problem I have with using cobalt, amber or even diffused LDPE bottles for testers is, I like to know what the juice is doing while it is steeping and oxidizing.

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I too wish all my tester bottles were clear but most are amber unfortunately.

I buy all my VG from Amazon. It’s the same thing that you get from most DIY suppliers at 2/3 the price. Also I’m a prime member so I get free shipping.

This is actually the stuff I buy

Great stuff. My gallon came in last week, lol. Tried a liter to test it first. Now for massive amounts of nicotine, ah ah ah!

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