Suggestions on this white gummi recipe

I’ve been asked to make a white gummi vape for a friend. I’m not a gummy bear fan so I’ve been doing a lot of research on the recipes out there. I’ve kind of put this one together as it is the ingredients I have on hand. I don’t really want to buy new flavors at the moment. Thoughts? Comments? Changes? I’m not sure about the percentages but researched each flavor for a general idea of what to use.

My stash is here:

A couple of influences were from which I didn’t much care for as it had a stringent flavor and also some of the recipes here.

Thanks for any help!

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Cap 27 bear is a white gummy bear, but since you do not want to buy flavors, the Jelly Candy is fine.

However and this is just personal experience and might not even be a issue for you, but Jelly Candy amplifies flavors, as well as putting a chalky dryness into mixes. I never use it above 1% because of that.

It also doesn’t mix well with dairy kind of flavors, without turning it into a malt like appearance.

I also think, again only my opinion that cactus is very strong, I don’t use it above 0.35% because it overruns everything, together with the Jelly candy it turns probably into cactus pectin lol.

But try it, you won’t know till then, might be actually turn out the way you want it.


thanks for the input! the first recipe i found had 2% cactus in it and I think that is what ruined it. So I’ll follow your suggestions on the percentages. Ditch the Vanilla Whipped Cream then since won’t mix well?

I wasn’t going to order any flavors but just ordered the 27 Bears. Saw another recipe i had to make so…I ordered more. Always happens to me.

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What to ask for more … I think that all happens to us …:slight_smile:

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