Suggestions please?

I have two questions that I hope to get some help with. first, I had a lapse and started smoking again. now that I’m getting back to vaping everything tastes funny in my tank. I use a kanger sub mini. of course I changed the coil and took the tank apart and washed it really well but nothing is working. do you guys think it could just be me getting used to it again?

second question. I’m ready to buy a new tank not just b/c of the tasting problems I’m having now that ive began vaping again but b/c I know there have been many new great tanks hit the market. for those that have upgraded from the kanger sub mini’s what do you suggest. also, right before I lapsed with smoking I did make 2 of my own coils and it was the best taste I ever had from an ecig. that being said I’m not too afraid of making my own coils. I should say that I use an IPV 70watt mini and I normally vape between 30-40watts.

please give me opinions, I really cant waste money on tanks that don’t do well. be well friends!

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If you smoked again for awhile, your tastebuds and sense of smell have been dulled. It might take some time to get back to being able to taste and smell normally. Stick with it. Try to find something you really like.

As for the tank, if you don’t want to build I would suggest the Uwell Crown. The STM was my first subohm tank and I still like it, but I have two crowns and I love them. If you do build, there are a lot more options for great tanks. I’d say the Crius/Griffin (neither of which I have yet) or the aromamizer (which I do have). I use my aromamizer with a Titanium build and my crowns with SS316L and I use them all about the same.

My 0.02 for what it’s worth. :wink:


I used the sub tank mini’s for over a year myself mostly using the prebuilt Ni coils for temperature control.I tried several tanks while making my own coils but never found what I was looking for in taste or coil longevity.
Then I found .22 gaTitanium wire and life is good.Ti wire is very easy to work with and the coils last longer than factory coils and the flavor is so much better.
I have several tanks including the Smok TFV4 ,Aromamizers , Griffin ,Crius v3, Zephyrus ,Indulgence Mt /rta.Of those I find myself using the Crius and the Aromamizers every day.I love the flavor and the easy to build velocity style deck.I vape in the 35-55 watt range.
Good luck on your search!


If flavor is an issue I’d follow the advice they’re giving. These setups works for me as well. It’s like going from 0 to 100 real quick.


My favourites are Bellus and Zephyrus 2 by UD for lung hits and Pico for mouth to lung vaping.


I agree with pro vapes. You didn’t tell us if you are a mouth to lung vaper (mtl) or a lung vaper.


+1 for the Zephyrus V2. It has the option for prebuilt coils and for an RBA, gives excellent flavor, and is built well.

For mouth-to-lung specifically I’ve found the T18/T22 tanks from Innokin to be the best, though these only work with prebuilt coils.


I second everything that JoJo said. I smoked for 35 years and vaped for 1 year now. I’d never smoke a cigarette again. I hope you find a good setup that you love and some juice you really enjoy with the correct amount of nicotine to satisfy you so you don’t want a cigarette. Make sure it will always work and get two of them. When you want your smoke/vape it should be ready and working well for you. At first, I used a couple of ITaste (like a square stick) and Kanger tanks. I didn’t start out at 30 watts, more like 15 watts. Now I vape 3mg nicotine at 22-24 watts most of the time using an Aromamizer and I build the coils. Even though I can build coils, recently I bought a 15 ft roll of Clapton wire (fancy coiled wire that makes tasty coils) for only $12. It’s worth it to have what you need ready and easily available, and that roll will last me a long time. You can buy pre-made coils for an Aromamizer, but if you can make them yourself, that’s great! Have you tried any tobacco flavored ejuice? If you go to a vape shop, they will let you taste many flavors.


Pro_Vapes your the one who led me down the path of the Titanium by way of your deep water build.Five and a half to six wraps of 22 ga Ti has the best flavor of any single wire I have tried , it even surpassed the vast majority of claptons that I have tried.
The Titanium build has saved me some serious coin! Before I would make sure I had at least one Kanger Sub Tank Mini with a couple of factory coils when I left my house.I never knew how long the Nickel or Kanthal coils I made would last.If I was lucky a week, the norm was two or three days.To make matters worst even the factory coils was a crap shoot.
I now clean with a small brush after a couple of weeks or if I change my wick.Just like this forum has saved me from buying “premium” e juice his deep water build has saved me from ever having to buy a factory coil.On both counts you can make something much better!


Have you tried the Crius or the Aromamizer? I personally couldn’t hit my vape zone with the Bellus and I took a pass on the Zeph v2. I’m hoping Youde step up there game so I can build them like I want.

For what it’s worth I still grab my kanger plus just got done pulling the indulgence off opus DNA 200 and pop in the Goliath v 2 on it both clean spaced 22 gage titanium .hitting the kanger with simple kanthal build .67 find my self in the last couple days using temp less and my Older mods With RTA RDA more it’s like. I just need a change

Bought several because the flavour is too good.
all other tanks have disappointed me since shortly after receiving the first bellus


No, I haven’t. I like reduced chamber in UD tanks - they provide great flavour at lower wattages. For example, when using 0.5mm wires and building Bellus and Velocity the same way, I get the same flavour concentration running Bellus at 42W and Velocity at 55W. That’s quite a difference.


I am a lung vaporer

Cleito with .4 coils and add a 5 ml tank. To me there isn’t a better or less expensive option. You can also get an RTA/RDA for it and use your own cotton.

Great new atty- Sigelei Moonshot. Anyone that is a flavour junkie and/or loves the Bellus, do yourself a favour and pick up a Moonshot. Incredible flavour.

hi jojo, apologies for taking months to reply. it has taken me until now to fully commit to vaping and putting cigarettes down again. I’m only now getting back on the forum and reading my old posts. that being said I wanted to thank you and everyone else for all their input and help!