Super bubbles!

I came across this recipe a while ago but never had glycerine in the house… But now I do! Made this for the kids yesterday, it was pretty cool. Just thought I’d share for any parents or grandparents here since I know you all have vg laying around! :wink:


I was thinking about looking this up the other day! I remembered needing glycerine for bubbles and my daughter was wanting some bubbles for her little bubble gun. Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Come on this is DIY! Take a wire coat hanger and stretch it out to make a giant loop. Mix up your bubbles and pour them all over your glass dining room table… you’re gonna need a large flat surface to fit the large loop and make the giant bubbles. Next tell the kids “Never tell Mom…” oh wait …you’re the mom …nevermind


Good way to get your table really clean! :smiley:

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