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Super Sweet by Capella or Sweetener by TFA?


I only have Super Sweet. While I do like it, and enjoy the sweet tingliness I get from it, I stopped using it long ago because even in small %'s it is a build killer and that just annoys the cradiddlies out of me.


I use both, TFA is far more subdued compared to CAP. Super sweet tends to linger on my palette, whereas TFA tends to only exist within the inhale and exhale. Again, super sweet is exactly that (very potent sweetener), so if I’m looking for subtle sweet I use TFA, and if I need to have a sweeter hit I use CAP. For me 0.2% super sweet is more than enough lol when I see it used between 0.5%-1% I just cringe!


Yeah, I had quite a few questions when I first started out! Since beginning this thread in 2015 I have tried just about all sweeteners out there, and tbh I mostly use Purilum Super Sweet (its cheaper than Capella’s and just as good!), Stevia, and Marshmallow, although I do have some EM and TFA sweetener as well. I have found, as most people will tell you, that they all have their usefulness in certain recipes. You have to learn your sweeteners just like you have to learn any of the other flavor profiles! But I have also found that many flavors are naturally sweet and sweeteners are not needed. I love sweet juices though and use some type of sweetener in almost everything I make! But…

So if you want to use sweeteners it is better to build your own coils, or you will end up replacing your coil heads way quicker than you want to…
If I didn’t build my own coils I don’t know what I would do! I am constantly cleaning and rewicking just so I can vape my sweet concoctions!!!


I do!! I hate changing the cotton so frequently too! So it shall remain shelved. But that IS true and a good tip for disposable users…


Yeah I know you build!!! I loved your comment (and the word cradiddlies!!!) so I used it in my reply to @Mix_and_Hope, because it is so true!


thanks for the Sweetness update @SunnyT, i myself love sweet juice’s like Zues juice etc. and I have been building since 2013, so I don’t mind rewicking and cleaning and building coils, I will not waste my money on pre built coils, I have only been using TFA sweetner since I started 1/1/18 DIY. I have some different sweetners in mail delivered today, excited about using them.


because that is all I had !!!


Awesome then! I always recommend building, but not everyone has time for it! I jumped in feet first into building and DIYing all within three months of starting vaping and haven’t looked back! I don’t know a lot of store bought juices for this reason! TBH I have never really vaped them! There are plenty of good recipes here on ELR to keep one satisfied! And once you learn all of your flavor profiles and what they mix well with, there are so many thing you can come up with that are made specifically for what you like and want! DIYing is the best!


Sweeteners, like so many flavors, are very subjective and everybody likes different ones for different reasons.
I’ve only experimented with TFA Sweetener (don’t like it very much) and CAP Super Sweet (like it better but far cry from perfect) and of course the regular sweet flavors like marshmallow and many naturally sweet flavors (fruits, candies, brown sugar, etc etc)

Most things containing Maltol and Ethyl Maltol I stay away from. A lot of the regular flavors already contain those ingredients and too much of this stuff will mute and kill any good flavor you’re trying to pull through with your sweetener.
Sucralose really gives that sugary lips feeling but it’s indeed a massive coil killer and I can only use it around 0.25 and 0.5%.
So many flavors are naturally sweet and I like fruity vapes so I barely used them anymore.


Cap super sweet is way more potent. I only use one drop (from capella original bottle) per 15ML. I use TFA sweetener like most up to 1.5%. A bottle of super sweet lasts a very long time for me. Good and sweet.

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I have recently ( 4-6 weeks ago) purchased quit a few Sweetners, I don’t care for TFA and CAP, but I do love
Purilum and Flavorah, they work so much better for me!!! I’m sure you guys / gal’s have them. But I have learned to use other flavors to sweeten. and that is the best route to go, for me. Such as fruit flavors to sweeten.


Some info about TFA Sweetener and CAP Super Sweet is here.


%100 pure sucralose powder - i mix it with PG https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUCRALOSE-POWDER-50g-PURE-100/151377607563?epid=1748452462&hash=item233ecefb8b:g:egIAAOSwIHlaZtYm


Super-sweet by Capella is EXTREMELY sweet .
I;ve ruined a few diy mixes by using too much.
The tiniest little bit will make a huge difference.

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How many recipes do you think are ruined by Sweetener (TPA)? :rofl:

You have to be careful with any flavor enhancer, whether it’s sucralose, sour, (ethyl) maltol, any type of wizard…
Rule of thumb: start with a tiny bit and build up. none and build up in tiny increments.


I find that TFA Sweetener mutes recipes more than Cap’s Super Sweet. FW Sweetener would be my next choice. I use all 3 depending on the recipe. I use Super Sweet more than any of them. There is actually a big difference in 0.3% and 0.5%. You can easily ruin your mix by adding too much.

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How about this recipe ,sounds insane to me ,unless i need to go to specsavers:

I like all those flavours combined ,so it does look good ,it’s just that sweetener ,doesn’t sound right.

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Ya it looks super high to me too. But i guess different strokes for different folks


yeh ,i know some shop bought stuff can be very sweet ,so maybe that’s what he/she is going for.

But i have a bottle of super sweet (cap) and it is extremely sweet even in tiny amounts

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Yes it is and I am not sure what the author was going for but tbh I don’t thing you would get much else than the supersweet at that level.

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