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Super Sweet by Capella or Sweetener by TFA?


Yeh ,i’ve ruined a few mixes by accidentally using a tiny bit too much sweetener.

Though i will try the recipe just maybe less sweetness at first :slight_smile:

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I always suggest mix without it first and if you find it needs a touch it can always be added later if required - i would think the maple would provide a little dark sweetness to the recipe.



Could also be the equipment since that recipe was made 2016, or maybe he/she just stopped smoking or maybe he/she just loves it ultra sweet lol

I agree with woftam here, try mixing without first and see if it needs additional sweetness. If so maybe try milder additives first before reaching for the super sweet.

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4% Super Sweet is even double what commercial juice has in it, but if you like it that’s all that matters. Your coils won’t like it that’s for sure.

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bought 50 g of pure sucralose powder , mix it with pg (%10)
works well

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I agree that Cap Super Sweet is stronger than any other sweetner I’ve tried. I have also noticed it can be used in small percentages without building up on the coils and cotton.