Support the Norse vapers by signing their petition

Our Norse brothers have a petition going that you should sign. They are an organization working to support and spread the knowledge of vaping.

Your signature will help them get taken seriously by their government.

Sign the petition here:

If you find the Norwegian confusing, I’ve annotated it:

You’ll get an email with a confirmation link.


I was unable to read the site but i signed it. Hope this will help them some to get their numbers up in the petition and hopefully their fight will shine some light to america.

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Not sure it will help as I’m American, but I signed. :sunny:

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I just stumbled on this; is it too late?

Who knows, it is in Norwegian! LoL :wink:

Also from the US, so I’m not sure if it will help, but I signed.

My husband has family in Norway. I don’t think any of them vape, but it’s a good enough excuse for me!


I think it’s still open! :smile:

ALL IN. Anymore?