Sweet Berry Bubblegum OR Gummy

Ok so Im finally appealing for help here. Has anyone made a really sweet really gummy or bubble gum berry recipe. Im talking commercial amounts of flavor for sure.

I have the issue that the flavors are dissapearing on me after steeping, my favourite SMELLING flavors are cap bubblegum and 27 fish, both of which are seriously chemically when you first mix them, but bugger off entirely after a few days. I dont like the flavor of the Donald inawera bubblegum so that wouldnt be suitable for me. I really would like something thats so full of flavor that it feels you could chew it, BUT that being said, Ill just take a recipe that tastes like anything similar to it and try work it from there.

Thanks guys, Id appreciate any help, I have tried about 40 different tries, but anything involving bubblegum or gummys Im just not getting right.

https://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/191883 Heres my flavor list, Im sure you can see from my flavors its not from lack of trying :slight_smile:



I’m new to this but I did watch a you tube video last night by DIYorDIE that explained how when you use to much flavor they can all cancel each other out, or “mute”.
I can’t see your recipe attempts, which is okay because I wouldn’t be much help, but you might want to copy and paste them here so the experienced mixers can take a run at it.
Another thing he mentions in the same video is how you can “turn up flavors” rather than dumping in more flavor, add a sweetener.
Just my $.02


I would start some solos and find out where you like each flavor and then slowly combine them.
Use a 10ml bottle, and based on your flavors, start at .5% and work up.

Over flavoring will get you no where, fast!
An example recipe would be nice, flavor stash really doesn’t help…

I work with Flavorah, and I do not see that company in your list… I am zero help with the flavors you have. You can do some research in elr to find out what others like… but using your own tounge, is the best tool you have. Take some time, but the results will be worth it.


Care to type in a couple recipes? I use 27 silver line cap all the time and haven’t had an issue, so I am interested in what is happening. But without the information I can’t advise.


You said before that you didn’t like your bubblegum concentrates and some others that quickly fade away… if you’re not working with single concentrates that you like, you’re never going to turn it into something you really enjoy vaping.

You know what flavor profile you’re after. Do some research on those specific flavors and test a few so you can work out which flavor concentrates would do the job for you. Once you get the SFT’ing done properly (testing at different %s), it should be fairly easy to work out how to combine the ones that you thoroughly enjoy.


Thanks guys, Ive made a bunch of single flavors at 4.5% only been teeping a week, Ive tried a few and thought I would let sit for 2 weeks. Heres some of my recipies from oldest to newest:
THe first one I ever tried:

Followed by a few more I wont bore you with all of them just a few

SO last week I throw my hands up and decide to stuff a few different gummys into one juice and see how it went just for fun. Its actually pretty close to what I want (you will see my notes under it but they are notes for my next batch I havent made it yet) But needs more of a berry juicy kicker. Im scared of putting in cactus at even 0.25 percent to “juice it up” as I found the cactus all pervasive.

I really appreciate all of you trying to help!

EDIT: sorry heres the URL of the one thats ok ish http://tjek.nu/r/wppy?token=4425d0ffeb63bbf


YOu know what I would LOVE? A juice that taste just like 27 fish smells, with ice. Thats all that would make me a happy girl :smiley:


Your sour bears iced… what sour concentrate? Amazed @TorturedZen hasn’t caught that one yet :stuck_out_tongue:

looks a bit high for me, but since there is no brand/manufacture… if its something you put together?
could be what is messing up that recipe… I use citric and malic acid in a 1g powder to 9g/9ml base… used too much will cause muting and fading…

the rest… I did not glance at… not much help with the flavor brands you have, sorry!


My evil twin is on vacation so I can only do so much.


I don’t know if it will be this way for everyone, but I actually get a really nice Bubblegum flavor from FLV Black Currant, and to get that I’ve simply used 2 drops of it per 30ml blend. It’s berry, so I have been using with a couple Grape flavors, but it’s completely nixed the need for a Bubblegum flavor in my Grape blends. Maybe drop the Sour down a little if it’s TPA, 0.3% is enough of a twang for a good candy mix.


Sour Concentrate is LB, sorry sometimes when I type in the concentrates the brands dont come up :slight_smile:


Thanks Silouhette! Ill add to my shopping list!

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I love love that black current <3 add some strawberry to your bc and grape and a touch of cream…
a;; fruits at .12% and cream at 6% yummers!!! :smile:


For an easy way to choose the correct flavor, type in the abbreviated manufacturer name after the flavor name, like ‘Sour LB’ and the most used will pop up first in the drop down.


It’s just awesome! I saw someone had said well just use FA at the same percentage when suggesting the FLV version, but they aren’t alike at all. It’s not similar to the PUR one either. It’s really delish.


Yeah just no… :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a lot out there with messed up taste buds and no mix skills… sad to say… but if one pays attention to how much their own tongue can taste, they’d know better! :laughing: