Sweet commercial juice 🤢

A few years ago when I first vaped, I bought a few different tobacco juices, and none were sweet. I went straight into diy, and experimented with EM and super sweet etc but decided not to use sweeteners and got into making dessert mixes. I always heard that commercial dessert juice tends to have high sucralose, and out of curiosity got some. GOOD Lord!!! At first I was in wow mode, smacking my lips, I was in second heaven having just given up sugar on a new food regimen.

After 3 days of vaping this stuff I feel horrible. Bloated stomach, dehydrated to all hell, gums and teeth feel jacked. Feeling all inflamed. No wonder they want to ban this stuff. I am sure there are responsible commercial juice makers that dont over do the sucralose, but dam, the one I tried, rocked my dome. I cleaned my tank and replaced my coil so fast while thanking sweet baby jesus for diy!


Not to mention that sucralose caramelises and creates all kind of shitty volatiles.
It has been out of my boxes since month 3 ( flavours with sucralose in my stash are in the naughty box, together with non trace DAAP, might use them for a test mix but only to try and recreate something else off a recipe later)
I don’t miss either sucralose of DAAP, to be fair. Neither taste good to me.


I’m new to this forum but a thought just recently occurred to me regarding the “sugar” content in the flavors that I choose!!! My husband is a diabetic (T2-insulin dependent) and I’m a healthy eater who is overweight!! Due to severe, early onset osteoarthritis, my activity level is often limited. Anyway, my thought was, I’m always looking at eliminating sugars from my diet, so I wondered about how the effects of VAPING the sugars OR sugar substitutes had on WEIGHT?? I know that “diet sodas” just tend to put weight ON people, not the opposite that is their claim! Any thoughts???


Here is another thread where this topic is discussed.


I’ve known a few people with diabetes that have tested their blood after vaping and it did not spike their insulin levels. I try to avoid all the juices that have the overly sweet taste. I just cannot take it!