Sweet Cream CAP - are there flavors that can replace that one?

Hello Community! :slight_smile:

Recently, I’m trying to use flavors without sweeteners and all the other not healthy things.
Many of my fav. recipes are with Sweet Cream CAP - is there a cream that tastes alike but without sweetener or this flavor is pretty unique?

Would be Grateful for help!


At first I thought it was the acetoin ‘triangle’ you’re trying to avoid… then I discovered The CAP SC doesn’t have one.

So yep, I think its pretty unique- I stand to be corrected, but I believe any of the sweeter creams have to use a sweetener of some sort …otherwise they wouldn’t be sweet.
FA Cream Fresh doesn’t use sweetener, so that could be an option for you, however its bound to change the profile of your recipe (at least a little). But that might just be the sacrifice you have to make to avoid sweetener. That said, it could work really well! Good luck with it!


thanks you very much @vonTrueso !!!

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