Sweet Creamy pie help

Hi all!
I’ve been searching for tips/inputs/recipes to mix an apple pie and a banana pie.

What I struggle the most is my complete lack of knowledge about building up layers for creams/custards. I “analyze” a lot of recipes that contain sweet creams/bavarian creams/VBIC/custards/Marshmallow/etc to see if I can find a base or pattern about how they are balanced but mostly I can’t figure out.

Recently I’ve mixed 2 banana recipes and they haven’t brought me what I’m looking for… I can taste the banana but I’m lost on the creams/custards.

  • First one: TPA banana cream 5%, TPA VBIC 4%, FW Bavarian cream 3%, TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust 3%
    (10 days old, banana is ok but I’m getting something “buttery”, maybe cheesecake too high?)

  • Second one: TPA banana cream 6%, CAP vanilla custard (v1) 3%, CAP sweet cream 1,5%, TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust 1%, FLV milk and honey 1%
    (10 days old, I know this one needs a long steep, I’m getting some off notes probably from VC)

I’m aware of the importance of steeping but right now with 10 days they don’t taste good and I can’t picture that in another 2 weeks they will be “delicious”. I may be completely wrong but I’d assume if it tasted bad on SnV it can’t be wonderful after a couple of weeks.

I don’t have so many flavors at my disposal but my (my current stash) has to do the trick for now :smiley:

I really would appreciate any input about how to combine and build up some nice decent cream/custard layers so I can mix a decent apple pie and banana pie :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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While waiting for the better mixers, may I suggest a few things?

For base, I would put
Apple pie FA 2-3% - great pie / crumble base
Bavarian cream FW 2-3% - for the cream part

For apple pie, I would add to the base
Cinnamon danish capella - 3-4%
Apple fuji FA 2-3%

For banana pie, i would add to the base
Banana nut bread TPA 4%
Banana cream TPA 2-4%

Sweet cream capella would be a good cream addition too, at 1-2% in both pies. Not too much though, because there’s already bavarian cream there.


I would rework those creams maybe drop one … Your first recipe has a total of 10pct which imo is high then you have the banana cream which adds a bit of cream on top of the other creams… your second recipe id drop the milk,and honey to .5pct and the sweet cream to 1 or lower . for,me the sweet cream add that silky texteure you get from some creams so even .5 percent should help … Ive never been a CCgC person i could only taste what seems to be AP …

Note : try adding half a percent of,sweetener or 1pct just to see where it takes the recipes…, remember when baking there are sugars used and if your not using a sweetener you should try using TPA MM in your cream base…


Just looked at you stash … Try also knocking the banana cream in half and adding the banana nut bread mmmmmmm that sound good


I’d think about adding some caramel. I’m a big caramel and butterscotch fan. Those tend to add rich creaminess and subtle sweetness.


@giuliano Steeping is everything. It can actually be amazing how wonderful that transition results. It’s very informative to vape those new recipes every week or so, in order to grasp exactly what’s happening. I am vaping a recent recipe of my own (Creams) that even took 6 weeks to deliver. After 4 weeks I was disappointed, but two weeks later? B00M …I know weird, right? Actual Steep time is purely subjective, especially on the topic of Shake n Vape, but it’s the rare recipe that doesn’t change over time …almost always for the better. So, don’t toss those out!


Thanks for the tips delltrap!
I’bee definitely try your suggestions

I’ve found a simple apple pie recipe and tweaked a bit (based on what i have at hand) for a quick mix:
Apple pie FA 2%, fuji apple CAP 3%, Sugar cookie CAP 1%.
Its good as SnV but I would not mix a 30 or 60ml bottle of it. For my taste it feels “dry”, a cream/custard would be a good addition there


Thanks for your input fidalgo! I didn’t create those recipes, I saw them somewhere and mixed based on what I have so I may have some subs on it, for example I don’t have FA fuji so I sub to CAP fuji


Good one Phil! I don’t have butterscotch right now but FA Caramel could definitely be used


You are right BoDarc! Until not too long ago the vast majority of my juices were tobacco ones and I found out the massive difference between SnV and 4-5 weeks of steeping.
I remember 2 recipes that I mixed, heavy on Vanilla Custard, and even after 2 months I could not enjoy it but most likely because it was over flavored.


I was finding many of my apple recipes to be dry. 1% “normal” saline (0.9%) really helps that issue for me!


I would add a splash of blueberry as well, .25% not much but you would be surprised at what that can do.to the banana.


As for the apple pie


Actually, this is the better version, @Cutlass92 doesn’t know what he’s talking about! :joy::joy::joy:


Yes and I don’t keep any of the recipies from the last year on my profile.


Thanks a lot @Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92 !

If I were to use some sweetener, do you guys think CAP SS is a must have or TPA sweetener/ TPA cotton candy is ok. I mean, is there a massive difference?
I’ve read CAP SS is really potent so 0.25 or 0.5 its really enough while if you consider TPA sweetener it’d be more around 1% for the same effect… is that right?


We use tpa sweetner.


What he said :point_up: but I think you’d be good with any of those :grin:


Hey guys, it’s been almost a month of steeping and now I’m happy with the final result.
Massive thanks to all of you and if anybody feel like trying it that’s the link:


@giuliano That looks legit. Congrats~! …and thanks I’m grabbing a copy of this for the future.

If I was making I would sub Stevia for the Sweetener. I love sucralose, it tastes great, but charred coils/wicks just happen too quickly. Lotsa threads on ELR re: Stevia. I use NowFoods Glycerite which claims to be only organic Stevia in PG, but similar products are available premade for vaping from a couple sources (or you can make your own), and Stevia doesn’t crust up your rig