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Sweet & Tasty LYCHEE MILKSHAKE recipe. HELP!


@Suomynona, no, you’re not alone. But a low enough percentages, I don’t think Cap VC v1 would be detrimental. (To me, as long as it’s 2% max, it adds body and richness, without the egg becoming obtrusive.) In this case, I’d say 1.5% would possibly be suitable. But that’s MHO, and of course YMMV!

The respect it deserves! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Frozen custard is the bane of all things ice cream, and should never be mentioned in the same sentence IMO! :laughing:

It’s definitely got a strong presence in St Louis.


Frozen custard hater. I woulda never thunk it!! :laughing: