Sweet & Tasty LYCHEE MILKSHAKE recipe. HELP!

Hello community!

I’m just new in this forum and in the DIY e-juice world and I’d like to ask you a big help to make a very sweet & tasty Lychee Milkshake E-Juice. I’ve looked for any thread or post about this, but nothing came up.

I’m not good ATM balancing the flavours looking at my experiments, so I thought to ask some experts here.

With me, I’ve got the following flavours I think could be helpful:

CAP Sweet Lychee
FA Meringue
FA Fresh Cream
CAP Vanilla Custard V2
FA Custard
FA Cookie
FA Caramel
CAP Waffle
TFA Sweetener
FA MTS Wizard

My first idea for this recipe is the following, but before make it I’d like to listen to some good milkshake flavourists.

5% - CAP Sweet Lychee
5% - FA Fresh Cream
3% - FA Meringue
3% - CAP Vanilla Custard V2
2% - FA Custard
2% - TFA Sweetener

Any help will be really appreciated!

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I’m also a noob at this, but before someone else chime in, may i?

My take would be :

Cap vanilla custard v2 at 3%

Cream fresh fa at 1%

Cap sweet lychee at 5% - if you think it’s too weak, increase to 6%

I dont really like my vape to be too sweet, so maybe tfa sweetener at 1% - if you like it sweet maybe 2%, or, if you preferred meringue fa, switch tfa sweetener with it at the same %.
I dont know how meringue fa would affect the lychee though.

Best of luck to you, have fun mixing!

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Thank you DellTrap!
On your milkshake-ish recipe, how many days did you steep the ejuice?

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It’s should be good after a good shake, but for better result, The custard need to steep at least 2 weeks.
If you have dairy tpa and/or french vanilla (regular french van, french van creme or french van deluxe) from tpa or cap, it should be good right away. Of all the french van, i would go for the deluxe. Need a little steep, but better result imho


If you want to make a proper milkshake, i would suggest you get vanilla bean ice cream, french vanilla and dairy as the base for the milkshake part.
Most mixer here use Vanilla bean ice cream (vbic) from capella, but if you read around, the best version right now is liquid barn.
For french vanilla, i really like french vanilla deluxe from tpa
For dairy, i use tpa version, but most mixer here said that milky undertone from ooo is the best.
Here’s an example of simple but great milkshake recipe in the recipe part of the site

The mixer use vienna cream for the french vanilla, and you could substitute the strawberry with your choice of fruit.


OOO milk undertone will add to the dairy in a milkshake, It certainly adds to the authentic milkshake taste. FA cream fresh is also a good shout for the thick rich cream without any additional notes and FA condensed milk when used in very small percentages gives a very nice powdery aspect that also helps.
@Amy2 has a great strawberry milkshake recipe which might be a good place to start,minus the strawberry part?


Nice one DellTrapp!

ATM, I could try to replicate this recipe using:

0.50% - FA Fresh Milk instead Dairy Milk
6.00% - CAP Sweet Lychee instead the 2 strawberries
2.00% - CAP Vanilla Custard V2 instead of vanilla bean ice cream (???maybe???)
0.80% - Vienna Cream (I’ve got it)

I know it’s not the same, but could it be a possible start?!

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ATP, I think I need to buy some new flavours to make the perfect Lychee Milkshake e-juice and make different tries. FA Condensed Milk sounds delicious! :thinking: as also French Vanilla deluxe…


You have to really careful with FA condensed milk. Just use in very small amounts as it’s very strong, overpowering really.
I would tend to stick at 0.5% or lower in a mix. Sweetener is its friend as well as a good supporting cream concentrate.


Maybe keep 2% of the strawberries, to add a bit of complexity. I have FA Lychee (never tried CAP) and it’s kind of strong, so maybe knock off a % on the Lychee, although having never tried CAP’s version I don’t know how they compare strength-wise.

I’ve personally found that I get a better experience mixing similar-ish flavors, example peach and pear. Like, Dragonfruit with strawberry too.

I’d also recommend a 2 week minimum steep with any creams and custards, and 4 weeks for CAP VC. But as with all things mixing, YMMV. Good luck!


Mix it, let us know how it goes later?

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I’d like to weigh in here.

First, the combination of CAP VC and FA Cream Fresh is pretty good. Not so much milkshake but if that’s all you have to work with and want to get going, it may do ok for you. However, I’d say maybe bump the VC up to 5% and drop the CF down to 2%.

FA Custard has a lemon note to it. If that’s what you want, go for it. Meringue is also nice in smaller quantities to add mouthfeel and richness, but I’d probably be around 1.5% with that.

So, if i were to make the mix using the ingredients you listed, sans the FA Custard, it might look like this…

CAP Sweet Lychee 4%
FA Fresh Cream 1.5%
FA Meringue 1.5%
Cap VC V2 5% (v1 is better)
Sweetener to taste

Not sure how much you want to invest in flavors or where your DIY ventures may take you, but if I were to tap into my stash for this, here’s what I’d do…

FLV Lychee 0.5%
CAP Sweet Lychee 3.5%
TPA Dragonfruit 2% (help round the edges of the Lychee)
FA Vienna Cream 1%
LB Vanilla Ice Cream 4%
CAP Super Sweet 0.3-0.5%

I’ve never mixed this and just throwing it out there. But I’ve worked with all these flavors. That said, I can’t really imagine the ice cream with Lychee in it and for that reason these may need to go up or down depending on the flavor you’re looking for. But the combination of CAP and FLV Lychee is rather nice. I’d be interested in hearing how things go as you progress.


This start to be the kind of ‘guideline’ I was looking for, thank you SthrnMixer!

I understand that I have to improve my feeling with the flavours and get experienced without ‘guidelines’,
but ATM I’ve bought 30 flavours with a high expectation… but unfortunately, the reality is different! :sweat_smile:
For sure I’ll keep investing in flavours and TFA French Vanilla Deluxe, TPA Dragonfruit, FLV Lychee & LB Vanilla Ice Cream like FA Condensed Milk (thank you Chewy & Phil_Fish too) will be in my shopping cart very soon to make this Lychee Milkshake recipe at its best as I definitely want to make a big batch of it!

For now, I’m going to prepare 10ml of:

4.0% CAP Sweet Lychee
1.5% FA Fresh Cream
1.5% FA Meringue
5.0% CAP Vanilla Custard V2
1.0% FA Vienna Cream
1.0% TFA Sweetener

right now and see what happen! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
I’ll let you know in a couple of days what’s my thought.

If somebody else knows any other flavours that must be included in a Milkshake recipe, please share it!


I’m probably the odd one here, but it beats me why anyone would even think of putting an eggy custard in a milkshake. I’ve never had a real milkshake with even a hint of custard in it.

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Some homemade ice cream recipes actually use eggs.

When I was young the big thing in all the drive-in restaurants was frozen custard. Most of those definitely used an eggy custard because you could just taste that richness. Believe me, once you’ve tasted genuine frozen custard it makes you give ice cream some funny looks :slight_smile:

As far as frozen custard these days, I’m not sure where or if you’d find it. I haven’t had any since I was maybe 20.

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Just before dirt was invented :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I remember frozen custard as well i haven’t seen it in forever


So I know I put my idea for a recipe up last night…just spitballin. But I figure better to put up or shut up, so I went ahead and mixed it just as I had laid it out. As soon as I took a test vape I realized I had violated my own rules. I LOVE ice cream vapes, but one thing it took me forever to learn (obviously still learning) is not to over flavor with whatever fruits or other flavors you’re using. That recipe I entered did just that though. So I mixed again, this time cutting the Lychee flavors in half. Now of course after a good steep it may need to have more Lychee added, but that’s no problem at all. So here’s what I have currently steeping and first taste shows some promise. The ice cream takes at least 3 weeks to mature and the Lychee’s should settle down some, so I’m a little optimistic about this. Still, time will tell.


@Rokman - the recipe in my last post is shaping up to be a really good vape. I’ll let you know at the 1 month mark how the Lychee is holding up against the creams, but for now it’s delicious. Sweet, not overbearing.


Instead, the last recipe I written in my last post is not good at all…
The CAP Sweet Lychee and the CAP Vanilla Custard V2 together taste disgusting to me.
I’m waiting to finish my nicotine base in a week or so, to make a new order so I can try your recipe.

I can imagine.